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Foxconn Launches iPhone 15 Production in India

Foxconn Launches iPhone 15 Production in India.

Foxconn Launches iPhone 15 Production in India

This decision of the technology giant is an effort within the framework of a comprehensive plan to reduce the gap between the scale of the company’s activities in India and China, where the main production base of the brand is currently located.

The Foxconn Technology Group plant in the Indian town of Sriperumbudur plans to start delivering manufactured products to the market in a few weeks, this will happen after the start of shipment of goods from the Chinese factory. The media, citing sources, report that the technology giant is striving to increase the number of Indian-made smartphones in the trade space as quickly as possible.

Currently, the Cupertino-based company is implementing a multi-year project to diversify its production outside of China. In this case, the firm seeks to secure the supply chains of the most important products from the influence of negative external factors arising against the background of tense relations between Washington and Beijing. The lack of stability in the geopolitical plane reduces the level of predictability of processes in the field of trade.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking to increase the level of economic and industrial cooperation with the United States. The Indian government aims to turn the country into a kind of manufacturing center.

Prior to the release of the iPhone 14, the tech giant’s smartphone production volumes in India were insignificant. Indian factories were six to nine months behind Chinese production sites in terms of productivity. Last year, 7% of the brand’s smartphones were produced by plants located in India.

The technology giant aims to establish parity in terms of delivery dates from Indian and Chinese factories by the end of this year. At the same time, the media, citing sources, report that suppliers doubt that the desired result will be achieved within the specified time frame.

The scale of production of the iPhone 15 in India depends on the number of finished components, which are mainly imported. Also, in this case, paces for building up assembly lines are important.

The new iPhone, which, according to preliminary information, will be announced on September 12, according to insiders, will be the largest update of the technology giant’s smartphone line in the last three years. The new generation device will receive updated camera systems. Models of the Pro category will have an improved 3-nanometer A16 processor.

The new generation of smartphones for the tech giant is a matter of special importance. For the third quarter in a row, there has been a decline in demand for the brand’s mobile phones in the United States, China, and Europe, due to which the sales level is falling. In this situation, the new generation of iPhones can become the foundation for sales growth.

Other Apple suppliers in India, including Pegatron and the Wistron factory, will also start assembling a new generation of smartphones in the near future. This was reported by the media with reference to sources.

The expansion of Apple’s activities in India is taking place at the expense of Taiwanese suppliers. The tech giant also uses financial support provided by the Indian authorities. These two factors allowed the company to bring the cost of smartphones released in India in the fiscal year ended in March to more than $7 billion.

In April, Apple opened its first retail stores in India. The technology giant considers the developing market of this country as a space for a successful trade and a production base in the long term.

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