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French Antitrust Regulator Reportedly Targets Nvidia

The media reports that charges will be filed in France against the US developer of chips Nvidia for violating antitrust laws.

French Antitrust Regulator Reportedly Targets Nvidia

The relevant information was made public by journalists last Monday, July 1, with reference to insiders who were aware of the intentions of the French antimonopoly authority. It is worth noting that last year, raids were carried out at Nvidia offices in the specified European country.

Recently, the mentioned US company has been on an impressive growth trajectory. The chips of this firm which are necessary for training and ensuring the subsequent operation of artificial intelligence systems, have become popular products against the background of the popularity of AI.

An Nvidia representative did not provide any comments as part of a media request regarding insider information about antitrust charges in France.

Currently, it is known that in the regulatory documentation for last year, the chip developer noted that the Eurasian Union, the French authorities, as part of a separate initiative, and China requested data on its video cards.

The European Commission, according to the media, most likely will not expand its review of Nvidia shortly. This point of view is explained by the close attention of the French authorities to the activities of the chip developer, who has become one of the main global beneficiaries of the so-called artificial intelligence boom.

The media reports that the antitrust claims are related to concerns about the industry’s dependence on Nvidia’s CUDA chip programming software, the only system fully compatible with GPUs that have become central to speeding up computing.

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