GB Bank Uses Almis Treasury Solutions

GB Bank, which received a full banking license in August 2022, decided to use additional ALMIS International products.

GB Bank Uses Almis Treasury Solutions


This decision was made by the financial institution in order to implement an ambitious plan for active growth.

Having confidence in ALMIS International regarding their ALM requirements and regulatory reporting, the bank will implement Cobalt ®, an individual treasury management system for financial institutions.

The lender will also use ALMIS International for its hedge accounting solution.

Paul Pimm, GB Bank’s Prudential Reporting manager, stated that the software will support the development of GB Bank’s offering and integrate with the proven and reliable existing ALM platform.

ALMIS International Product Director Luc Dirollo says that the expansion of partnerships is evidence of the success of the previous experience of interaction, which began in 2020.

GB Bank is based in the UK. The main office of the financial institution is located in Middlesbrough. The mission of this bank is to create conditions for a sustainable business process in which conscientious people take part. The financial institution also aims to ensure trustful interaction between customers and the business community.

ALMIS International was founded in 1992 in the UK by Joe Di Rollo. The company has at its disposal a set of flexible and regulatory-compliant software that gives banks and building societies an idea of their treasury activities. This toolkit helps to control financial risks.

The company’s comprehensive solutions, licensed by more than 65 firms in the UK and abroad, cover margin management, market risk, liquidity, financial planning, capital adequacy, hedge accounting, regulatory reporting, and treasury management. The company also supports many customers on the AIM IS cloud platform.

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