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Swarm Launches Tradable Stocks on Blockchain

Swarm, a regulated blockchain platform, has announced the launch of the world’s first public investment offer for AAPL. TSLA and two network ETFs of US Treasury bonds.

Swarm Launches Tradable Stocks on Blockchain


Fully asset-backed tokens are available on the Polygon blockchain for retail and institutional investors without prior investment conditions. Trading is available 24/7 and complies with German rules on the authorized DeFi platform from Swarm.

This is a unique service of its kind for investors who intend to gain access to real-world assets using digital blockchain technology and are in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Hedge funds and institutional investors now have access to stable and secure global markets 24/7 through Swarm. For those already connected to the network, this means they now have less volatile assets to deploy without having to leave the DeFi ecosystem.

The token offer initially includes shares of AAPL and TSLA, iShares US treasury bond 0-1 year ETF and iShares US treasury bond 1-3 year ETF. Swarm plans to add more real-world stocks and assets.

Timo Leches, a co-founder of Swarm, stated that the company is the first organization that offers tokenized T-bills and shares and trades them through a regulated and decentralized platform. He noted that last year’s FTX and Celsius crises exposed key structural and regulatory weaknesses in the market and demonstrated that crypto security is too strongly correlated and easy to manipulate.

Swarm does not undertake the storage of tokens secured by assets that are controlled by battle-tested code. They can be added to liquidity pools to generate returns and stored in Web3 investors’ own wallets. Tokens of stock and bond certificates are integrated with traditional financial markets. They can be exchanged for the value of the underlying asset of the real world.

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