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Genesys Acquires AI SaaS Startup Radarr

One of the leading US software companies, Genesys, has agreed to acquire Radar Technologies, which facilitates business decision-making, based on AI-driven real-time online conversation insights.

Genesys Acquires AI SaaS Startup Radarr

Genesys, a software company focused on AI-powered experience orchestration, has made a deal to acquire Singapore-based Radarr Technologies startup and enhance its own cloud offering with Radarr’s social and digital listening, analytics, and consumer engagement AI analytics. 

The acquisition deal is still a work in progress and is expected to close in the first quarter of 2025.

Founded in 2013, Radarr helps businesses make informed decisions based on analysing relevant real-time online conversations on social media and other digital platforms. The startup provides data visualisations, dashboards, and insights reporting.

Genesys plans that Radarr’s tech will broaden its consumer engagement services with capabilities that drive customer loyalty, business optimization and competitive differentiation.

A large share of modern customers are digital natives. They use public social media channels, public social feeds or direct messaging to connect with businesses instead of traditional service channels. Insights gained from social media inquiries for service, support and information will help organizations meet customer needs and engage with them through contextual and personalized social media-based experiences. 

“As consumers increasingly turn to social media platforms to connect with brands for support, these channels become a crucial and largely untapped opportunity for organizations to engage with customers and glean valuable business insights. Once the capabilities of Radarr Technologies are integrated into Genesys Cloud, Genesys can accelerate its transformation of the CX industry by helping organizations further connect every touchpoint into the end-to-end customer experience.”

Tony Bates, Genesys CEO and chairman

The addition of Radarr AI analytics to Genesys Cloud solution will help solve the issue of disconnected point solutions typically used by businesses to manage their social media presence strategy. According to Genesys, this may result “in fractured customer experiences and missed opportunities to drive business results.” On the other hand, the combination of the two firms’ capabilities might be able to provide a holistic view of customer sentiment.

In addition, Radarr offers differentiated AI-powered Multilingual Sentiment Models that will further strengthen the natural language processing (NLP) of the Genesys Cloud platform, enabling it to detect regional slang and colloquialisms across more than 100 languages and dialects. This allows organizations to deliver personalized experiences at a larger scale.  

“Organizations have struggled to tap into the potential that social media can play in delivering differentiated customer experiences — Genesys is now in a better position to change that. […] In adding Radarr Technologies capabilities to Genesys Cloud, the company recognizes the rising importance global enterprises are placing on social interaction management and analytics to achieve a complete unification of the customer experience.” 

Sheila McGee-Smith, president, McGee-Smith Analytics