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Globe Telecom CEO Says About Prospects of Philippines as Data Center Hub

Ernest Cu, President and CEO of Globe Telecom, a telecommunications company based in the Philippines, says that in two years the largest data processing center of this brand will start operating.

Globe Telecom CEO Says About Prospects of Philippines as Data Center Hub

According to the head of the company, the telecommunications service provider is currently seeking to benefit from the growing demand and the desire of customers to hedge geopolitical risks. He said that a 124-megawatt facility is under construction in the Philippines. The implementation of this project is carried out within the framework of a partnership of a telecommunications service provider with ST Telemedia. Ernest Cu announced that this facility will be commissioned in early 2025. In this case, the data processing center is meant.

The facility, which is currently under construction, is located in the suburbs of Quezon City. The total area of the four buildings, which are components of the data processing center, is more than 83 thousand square meters.

The construction of the new facility is a landmark event in the context of the history of the existence of Globe Telecom. The appearance of a data processing center is tangible evidence of the transition of a telecommunications service provider from its traditional industry to the advanced technology industry. As part of this functional transformation, the company is gradually becoming a technology brand. Currently, many experts expect that the telecommunications business and broadband access will reach a plateau in the near future.

Now in the Philippines, PLDT is the leader in the data center race. Currently, 10 data centers account for about 65% of the capacity of the local industry.

Globe Telecom is also exploring the possibility of building two more landing stations in the Philippines. The implementation of these potential projects will increase connectivity and data transmission to areas where the level of service is insufficient.

Ernest Cu says that as a result of additional connectivity with increased data center capacity, the Philippines can become an alternative for many hyperscalers that provide services in the region. In this case, he was referring to large cloud service providers, including enterprise-scale computer services and data storage services. In his opinion, the capacity constraints observed in Singapore and the geopolitical problems faced by Hong Kong can become a motivating factor for many locators to start working in the Philippines.

Singapore Telecommunications is the owner of about 47% of the ordinary shares of Globe Telecom. The share of the Philippine conglomerate Ayala in this ownership structure is about 31%.

Globe Telecom is currently betting on the GCash mobile wallet as part of its business development efforts. The company believes that this digital product can become a kind of material base for growth. Ernest Cu also announced his intention to hold the first public offering of GCash shares in one to two years. According to him, the implementation of this plan will not be carried out in an accelerated mode, since it is possible to raise money from private sources.

The CEO of Globe Telecom also said that lending can become a new growth platform. Ernest Cu talks about a lot of people interested in acquiring part of GCash’s capital, given the potential of the mobile wallet and its dominant position in the Philippines.

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