Goldman Sachs Alternatives Raises Loan Partners Fund

Goldman Sachs Alternatives has raised more than $20 billion for direct lending to large clients.

Goldman Sachs Alternatives Raises Loan Partners Fund

The mentioned amount includes $13.1 billion in the West Street Loan Partners V fund, $7 billion in large-cap senior direct lending managed accounts, and $550 million in co-investment vehicles alongside the fund. The relevant information is contained in the company’s press release, which was released last Wednesday, May 29th.

Goldman Sachs Alternatives said the fundraising was completed significantly faster than originally planned. Also in this context, it was noted that this raising of financing from loan partners is the largest since the inception of the strategy in 2008.

The press release also underlined that the capital was received from new and existing investors, Goldman Sachs, and its employees. Separately, it is noted that the sources of financing for the strategy are the US and international pension plans, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, third-party wealth channels, and private Goldman Sachs wealth management investors.

The press release contains information that the fund has already invested or committed to set aside $4 billion in 37 portfolio companies and intends to continue to target high-quality global firms. In this case, it means private equity-backed global businesses.

The press release also notes that the raising of funds is taking place against the background of significant senior lending opportunities for large companies, due to the expected increase in activity in the sphere of mergers and acquisitions. Currently, the private equity in so-called dry powder is at an all-time high. Moreover, nowadays sponsors seek to return capital to investors.

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