Goldman Sachs Spinoff Louisa Expands Availability of Corporate Networking Platform

The availability of the social media platform for employees used by Goldman Sachs is expanding.

Goldman Sachs Spinoff Louisa Expands Availability of Corporate Networking Platform


An artificial intelligence-based networking platform called Louisa was funded and owned by an investment bank before becoming independent a few weeks ago.

Louisa uses company databases to automatically create user profiles for employees. The platform also receives information from news feeds to ensure communication between people who have similar interests. The main goal of Louisa is to help employees establish contacts during a period when many work remotely.

Louisa founder and CEO Rohan Doctor described the platform as LinkedIn with artificial intelligence on steroids. He noted that his company has a smart network and smart profiles at its disposal. According to him, the platform reads millions of text materials from 250 providers and connects people in a single space of digital interaction.

Louisa is currently interested in establishing cooperation with organizations that specialize in providing professional services so that they replenish her client base. The company already has partnerships with a commercial bank and a venture fund. The monthly number of active users of the platform is 20 thousand people.

Goldman Sachs, which has been using Louisa for two and a half years, intends to continue interaction shortly.

In April, it became known that the platform separated from Goldman Sachs and became an independent company, defining itself as a digital platform for generating income, which through the use of artificial intelligence tools unites people so that they have the opportunity to work on transactions with clients. The firm also stated that against the background of the growing popularity of AI, it helps to unlock the potential of joint human intelligence.

Louisa was created as part of the first GS Accelerate course from Goldman Sachs, a support platform for employees who have the desire and specific intention to develop a business and create new products for their customers. The startup was launched in 2018. A year later, the company received investment financing.

GS Accelerate uses crowdsourcing opportunities to find a promising startup and earn big money through its promotion.

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