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Google Launches Gemini Mobile App in India

Google has launched a dedicated mobile app with artificial intelligence in India called Gemini.

Google Launches Gemini Mobile App in India

The mentioned digital product, developed by the technology giant based in Menlo Park, California, debuted more than four months ago in the United States. The specified app supports nine Indian languages and English. As for Indian languages, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu are meant in this case.

The new digital product will provide users in India with the ability to type or talk in a language that is convenient for them. In this case, artificial intelligence will be a virtual assistant that responds to consumer requests. This was announced by the technology giant.

The mobile app is powered by Gemini 1.0 Pro by default. The digital product comes with paid access to the Gemini Advanced experience program, which is based on Gemini 1.5 Pro. The mobile app offers users a contextual window with 1 million tokens for processing and understanding information of various thematic categories. For example, a digital product can perceive and analyze documents of up to 1,500 pages. Also, one of the scenarios for using the mobile app is solving complex data analysis tasks.

Gemini Advanced also includes support for nine Indian languages, which are available in the Gemini mobile app.

It is worth noting that the technology giant has also launched a mobile app in Bangladesh, Turkey, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Owners of devices running on the Android operating system in the mentioned countries can download Gemini through the Play Store. Consumers can also set this digital product by default in the Google Assistant app.

Over the next few weeks, iPhone owners in India will also be able to access Gemini. The corresponding access will be provided through the Google app.

At the May I/O developer conference, the technology giant demonstrated some of the capabilities of its Gemini AI digital assistant for apps such as Gmail, Google Messages, and YouTube. Deep integration with the Android operating system was also demonstrated. Some of these features will be rolled out to devices over the next few months.

Google also announced the integration of Gemini into Google Messages in English for Indian users.

The mentioned mobile app has also already been launched in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, and Sweden.

In April, the digital product received support for languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese. This solution is aimed at expanding the user base of the mobile app.

It is worth noting that the Indian market of generative artificial intelligence is currently on a trajectory of high-intensity development. It is expected that by the end of the current decade, the financial volume of this market will reach $17 billion. Many representatives of the global technology sector, including Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, are confident in the positive prospects of the mentioned commercial and at the same time functional space. Homegrown artificial intelligence startups such as Krutrim and SarvamAI are currently operating in India.

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