Google to Invest $2 Billion in Malaysia

Last Thursday, May 30, Google announced plans to invest $2 billion in Malaysia.

Google to Invest $2 Billion in Malaysia

The mentioned technology giant will allocate part of the specified funds to construct a data center. It is worth noting that during the period of large-scale digitalization at the global level and the process of active dissemination of artificial intelligence, the need for such functional objects has increased dramatically. Data centers are also needed to ensure the operation of cloud services. In this case, Malaysia will obviously become a beneficiary of the materialization of Google’s efforts.

Ruth Porat, president, CFO, and CIO at Alphabet and Google, said that the investments announced on Thursday are based on a partnership with the government of an Asian country and are focused on implementing the Kuala Lumpur concept called Cloud First Policy. In this context, she noted that the technology giant will provide best-in-class cybersecurity standards. Ruth Porat also said that investments announced on Thursday are the largest in all 13 years of Google’s operation in Malaysia.

The new data center will ensure the operation of the technology giant’s services, including Search, Maps, and Workspace. A kind of cloud region will provide access to advanced solutions for companies and organizations in the public and private sectors.

The technology giant has also launched two programs in Malaysia to improve the level of digital literacy in the area of artificial intelligence for students and teachers.

According to preliminary estimates, Google’s investments will increase Malaysia’s gross domestic product by more than $3.2 billion. It is also expected that the implementation of the technology giant’s plans will create 26,500 jobs in the Asian country by the end of the current decade.

Malaysia’s cloud region will be the latest addition to Google’s network of 40 regions and 121 zones worldwide.

Also in May, Microsoft announced its intention to invest in the mentioned Asian country. In this case, the amount of financing is $2.2 billion. Microsoft will develop cloud and artificial intelligence infrastructure in Malaysia. Moreover, this technology giant will open a data center in Thailand. Microsoft is also investing $1.78 billion in Indonesia. Company’s CEO Satya Nadella has repeatedly stated about the potential of Southeast Asia in the context of technological development prospects.

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