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Microsoft to Invest $2.2B in AI and Cloud Infrastructure in Malaysia

Microsoft has pledged a single largest investment of $2.2 billion into Malaysia’s digital transformation, to support the country’s cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure development.

Microsoft to Invest $2.2B in AI and Cloud Infrastructure in Malaysia

American tech giant Microsoft made a statement on Thursday announcing it would invest $2.2 billion over the next four years in building cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure in Malaysia, creating training and job opportunities for about 200,000 AI-related local professionals, and supporting the growth of Malaysia’s developer community.

The skilling commitment presupposes technical and vocational education and training students with AI skills through the AI TEACH Malaysia program. Besides, women in Malaysia will receive additional opportunities and support to build careers in cybersecurity via the Ready4AI&Security program.

In addition, the firm intends to strengthen its partnership with the government of Malaysia. Jointly, the two parties plan to establish a national AI Center of Excellence and enhance the nation’s cybersecurity capabilities.

With the range of planned initiatives, Microsoft confirms its ongoing commitment to developing Malaysia as a hub for cloud computing and advanced technologies such as generative AI.

“Our investments in digital infrastructure and skilling will help Malaysian businesses, communities, and developers apply the latest technology to drive inclusive economic growth and innovation across the country.”

Satya Nadella, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft

Zafrul Abdul Aziz, Malaysia’s Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, agreed that Microsoft-backed development of essential cloud and AI infrastructure in the country, along with AI-related skilling opportunities, will promote Malaysia’s digital capacity and strengthen its position in the global tech landscape.

In addition, Andrea Della Mattea, President of Microsoft ASEAN, emphasised the social significance of Microsoft’s investment. In his opinion, strategic emphasis on AI will boost overall economic growth, provide well-paid job opportunities to more people, and promote inclusivity by bridging the digital divide.

Fresh digital infrastructure investment is a part of Microsoft’s Bersama Malaysia (Together with Malaysia) initiative, announced in 2021, intending to support inclusive economic growth in the region. The initiative also marked the establishment of Microsoft’s first data centre in the country.

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