Anthropic Expands Enterprise Offering

The company Anthropic, which operates in the artificial intelligence industry, announced the launch of its first smartphone app and a new enterprise subscription plan.

Anthropic Expands Enterprise Offering

The mentioned efforts of the firm are aimed at expanding the reach of its chatbot Claude.

Anthropic, which is based in San Francisco, specializes in safe artificial intelligence. Last Wednesday, May 1, the company announced that the new iPhone app will be available in free and paid versions. In case of interaction with this digital product on a commercial basis, users will be given access to the Claude chatbot.

The company also announced that the app will be synced with the web-based version. This solution will allow users to switch between devices and continue conversations without encountering any difficulties in the implementation of the corresponding process.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the launch of the app significantly improves the competitiveness of Anthropic. The company’s market position will strengthen. Anthropic will be able to compete more fully with such giants of the artificial intelligence industry as OpenAI and Google.

The company said that according to the feedback from testers, the Claude app is ideal for brainstorming ideas on the go, getting quick answers to questions, and analyzing scenes and images from the real world.

Anthropic notes that the main feature of the digital product is its ability to analyze photos taken by users. The smartphone app will allow customers to interact with the Claude AI assistant on their mobile devices.

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