Google Plans to Create Advice-Dispensing AI

The media, referring to a report by Deep Mind, which operates in the field of generative artificial intelligence and is a subsidiary of Google, reports that this firm plans to create an AI model that gives advice.

Google Plans to Create Advice-Dispensing AI

According to the information available to journalists, the new configuration of machine intelligence will not only give users advice on certain issues related to life situations and problems, but also offer various ideas, planning instructions, and options for organizing the learning process. At the same time, there is no data yet on what set of circumstances of human existence will be available to this version of the digital mind for comprehension. There is no exception that this virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence will be universal, that is, to give advice on any issues. At the same time, it is impossible to exclude the possibility of his limitations in terms of so-called life knowledge.

This is the intention of the company, which is part of the ownership structure of Google, testifies to the desire of the technology giant to actively participate in the process called the artificial intelligence race, and to be a leader in this confrontation, which actually forms the image of a new version of social and economic reality.

The media reports that the digital assistant is learning to give answers to intimate questions that a person faces throughout his life. For example, during the training, this version of AI, using a user’s hint, learned to give advice to those who cannot attend the wedding of friends due to the lack of opportunity to make the necessary trip for this.

Within the framework of this project, developers distinguish between the function of creating project ideas and the function of training. The ideological aspect means that an AI-based digital assistant will give advice, focusing on the experience of resolving situations that he got acquainted with during training. The learning function provides that the configuration of machine intelligence can be improved in terms of the level of understanding of life circumstances and their impact on the overall context of being an individual person. Also, the digital assistant will help users plan their budget and diet.

This week it became known that Google is preparing to introduce the next-generation model of the Al Foundation, Gemini, in the upcoming fall. In this case, it means the machine intelligence configuration that powers Bard along with enterprise applications such as Google Docs and Slides.

In May, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced on the company’s blog that Gemini is undergoing training. He also noted that in the case of this development, the goals are multimodality, a high level of efficiency in terms of integrating application programming interfaces and tools.

The active development of machine intelligence attracts the attention of the whole world, including large structures that regulate certain processes in the space of human existence. The advantages of integrating AI into the structure of activities have already become obvious for the government, businesses, and international organizations. At the same time, a request is being formed to ensure the safety of using advanced technology, the forms of development of which are extremely difficult to predict at the moment.

The Vatican has announced that Pope Francis’ annual peace message for 2024 will contain reflections on the presence of artificial intelligence in human life. The Pentagon has created a new unit called Task Force Lima to evaluate, synchronize, and use generative AI.

As we have reported earlier, Google and OpenAI Disagree on Government Oversight of AI.

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