Grubhub Offers Campus Card Payments in Bid for Student Loyalty

Grubhub is actively implementing new payment solutions to ensure the security of college students’ expenses.

Grubhub Offers Campus Card Payments in Bid for Student Loyalty


On Monday, March 27, this aggregator announced the beginning of cooperation with Transact Campus, a company that creates digital payment solutions for colleges and universities. The parties to the interaction will provide students with the opportunity to pay for meals at the restaurant using cards issued at the college. The integration will be launched in the coming months.

Jeff Ellis, Grubhub Vice President for Strategic Partnership and Business Development, said this collaboration is a great victory for all participants in the process and allows to take a step forward in providing more holistic nutrition for students. He also noted that the campus environment is ready for the introduction of innovative solutions.

In recent years, after the return of full-time education, aggregators have begun to show interest in interacting with other companies or developing their proposals to meet the needs of students regarding comfortable living on campus.

Grubhub announced last summer that it was expanding robotic delivery offerings on U.S. college campuses in partnership with autonomous delivery service provider Starship Technologies.

Currently, many aggregators seek to secure the expenses of a young audience to gain lifelong loyalty from this category of persons. For example, DoorDash, a leading restaurant aggregator, launched a discounted version of its DashPass membership last year. Students were offered free delivery of products at a fixed monthly or annual rate.

Studies show that in the United States, citizens born after 2000 disproportionately often order food in restaurants online. This is done by 69% of 4 thousand respondents.

Not only aggregators benefit from the high demand for digital food ordering among students. For example, a couple of years ago, Chartwells Higher Education, a campus catering company, created the Ghost Kitchen program. These kitchens differ in that they promptly respond to consumer requests.

As we have reported earlier, Grubhub presented a solution for income tracking.

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