“Hey Google, get me a taxi”: voice assistant got a new feature

Now you can book a ride with the Google Assistant

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“Hey Google, get me a taxi”: voice assistant got a new feature. Source:

Google is rolling out a feature allowing to book ride services with Google Assistant.

To try out the feature, you’ll need to have your Android phone, iPhone, Google Home, or any smart speaker with the Assistant. Start by saying “Hey Google, book a ride to…” or “Hey Google, get me a taxi to …” to initiate a booking. Then you’ll be given a list of popular ride-hailing services to select from, including Uber, Lyft, Ola, Grab, GO-JEK and many more. You’ll be also able to receive information on estimated pricing and wait times from each service. If you only want ride options from a single provider, just include their name in your request, for example, “Hey Google, get me a Lyft ride to…” After picking the preferred service just tap on it, and the app will open to let you confirm the booking.

“If you’re in a hurry and your hands are all tied up, you’ll now be able to use the Assistant to see all your favorite ride services in one place and pick the one that works best for you”, said Vishal Dutta, Google’s Product Manager in a blog post.

Initially, the feature will be available in English and any country where one of the supported ride-hailing services operate. The company plans to expand to more languages in the coming months.

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