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HSBC Launches New Account Opening Service

HSBC has launched a new service for opening business accounts in several markets.

HSBC Launches New Account Opening Service

The press release of the financial institution indicates that the new decision concerning the aspect of the bank’s activities related to customer service is intended to provide business representatives with assistance in implementing efforts to expand the scope of activities abroad. The new service will simplify the procedure for opening an account. Also, the lender’s decision will become a kind of tool for overcoming long-standing problems faced by most businesses whose activities are focused on the international dimension of the business space.

The bank’s press release draws attention to the fact that the use of a dedicated portal will make the process of submitting digital applications fast and globally agreed upon. This solution of a financial institution will save clients from having to solve difficulties related to the specifics of the market or group of markets that arise when opening an account.

According to the information contained in the lender’s press release, the simplified digital application process is currently available in 20 markets. The financial institution intends to expand the scope of using this service. The lender plans to launch the solution in new markets in the fourth quarter of this year and in 2024. The implementation of these intentions will allow the financial institution to expand its global reach and influence.

The portal offers a number of functions that facilitate the smooth opening of international accounts. This functionality includes the secure exchange of documentation, online tracking, and electronic signature capabilities. For business and corporate clients, the new service means reducing the number of various kinds of so-called paper procedures, reducing the level of administrative burden, and eliminating the need for separate applications. Simplification of the process entails an increase in the level of efficiency. The new service supports both primary and subsidiary accounts.

David Rice, chief operating officer of HSBC commercial bank, said that the main goal of the financial institution is to help businesses work without obstacles, make deals, and grow beyond borders. According to him, the new service will radically simplify the processes that are a kind of foundation of the mentioned ambitions. He also said that the bank’s new decision will eliminate pain points for companies that are focused on the international level and seek to expand beyond the home market.

The portal provides consumers with the opportunity to open digital accounts standardized by format, process, and requirements. According to David Rice, this provides an excellent alternative to traditional methods, which are slow and fall into the category of standard practices.

The company’s press release indicates that customers using the portal will also receive direct support tools, including translation options into the local language, virtual assistants based on artificial intelligence, and intra-platform communication with case managers. These offers are a guarantee of transparent and consistent support throughout the entire account opening procedure.

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