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Huawei Releases New Phone Lineup

Huawei Technologies Co. on Thursday, April 18, presented a new series of smartphones.

Huawei Releases New Phone Lineup

The mentioned company, which corresponds to the status of a technology giant, is currently on an intensive development trajectory after its Mate 60 cell phone, which debuted last year, significantly weakened the position of Apple Inc.’s iPhone in the Chinese smartphone market.

Huawei’s new product is called Pura 70. The cost of smartphones in this series varies in the price range from 5,4999 yuan ($760) to 9,999 yuan. The flagship modification of the device is called Ultra. The company also released configurations 70, 70 Plus, and 70 Pro.

The presentation of Huawei Pura 70 turned out to be very moderate in terms of the specifics of the marketing campaign accompanying its presentation. The company announced the debut of a new smartphone by posting a message with relevant content on the WeChat virtual platform.

Huawei Pura 70 features an elegant design. Moreover, in this case, special attention was paid to such characteristics as performance and suitability for use to solve business tasks.

A modification of the device called Ultra was equipped with a retractable camera with an adjustable aperture, which is rare for cell phones.

Huawei Pura 70 is another symbol that also has a material form of existence, the rebirth of the company. In a sense, this is a new move in the direction of progress after last year’s debut of the Mate 60 smartphone, equipped with a processor, which became evidence of China’s significant technological capabilities. It is worth noting that after the presentation of the mentioned device in Washington, some lawmakers announced the need to tighten restrictive measures against Beijing. According to them, the 7-nanometer Kirin 9000s processor, which is equipped with Huawei Mate 60, is evidence of insufficient efforts by the United States to limit China’s technological potential.

Burn J. Lin, former vice president of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., said last year that Washington would not be able to stop Beijing’s progress in the chip production area. In this context, the significant successes of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. and Huawei were mentioned separately.

Currently, there is no detailed information about the characteristics of the new smartphone. At the same time, data from online reviewers is spreading on social networks, according to which the Huawei Pura 70 is equipped with a Kirin 9010 processor, a kind of continuation of the Kirin 9000s.

The company’s new development could potentially further worsen Apple’s commercial performance in the Chinese smartphone market. For the company, this smartphone is highly likely to be the next step towards restoring the consumer business, which in the past was the main driver of its revenue growth.

The Huawei Pura 70 Pro and Ultra configurations went on sale on Thursday. The smartphone modifications Plus and 70 will be available for buying from April 22. In the official Huawei online store, the available devices of the new series were sold out just a minute after the start of sales. Moreover, hundreds of fans of the company lined up at the brand’s stores in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

Eric Xu, Huawei’s acting chairman, during a speech at the forum in Shenzhen last Wednesday, April 17, announced that the firm plans to release the Mate 70 smartphone in 2024.

Ivan Lam, senior analyst at the research company Counterpoint, expects that this year the mentioned manufacturer will ship about 60 million smartphones to the market. Last year, the company sold approximately 32 million cell phones.

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