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IBM Makes More Open-Source AI Models

International Business Machines (IBM) on Tuesday, May 21, announced its intention to release a new family of artificial intelligence models in the form of open-source software.

IBM Makes More Open-Source AI Models

The mentioned company also noted that the successful implementation of the specified plans will help Saudi Arabia train the AI system in the Arabic language.

IBM, based in Armonk, New York, as part of its efforts to profit from its artificial intelligence models and products powered by corresponding technologies, operates under a different commercial concept compared to other brands that are involved in AI development. Large companies such as Microsoft, for example, carefully ensure that their artificial intelligence systems are under some kind of protection that prevents the risk of unauthorized use. In the context of an appropriate approach to monetization of machine intelligence technologies and products based on these developments, the most common solution is to charge consumers for providing access to the advanced creations of the digital world. IBM is acting in a completely different way as part of its strategy. The company provides open access to the artificial intelligence models themselves.

IBM has presented a family of machine intelligence configurations called Granite to customize. The tools of the mentioned line of artificial intelligence systems are designed to help software developers complete computer code faster.

At the same time, IBM is also focusing on monetization as part of its activities in the AI industry. To make a profit, the company offers consumers a paid tool called Watsonx. With this tool, users can smoothly run artificial intelligence models in the data center after customization.

IBM’s strategy is to try to capitalize on the process of customers’ interaction with machine intelligence configurations. The company’s concept stipulates that the commercial result should not depend on whether artificial intelligence models were developed by its specialists or other firms. Also, in this case, it does not matter whether consumers use AI configurations in data centers that are part of the IBM ownership structure or not.

Arvind Krishna, the company’s chief executive, said during a conversation with media representatives that IBM is currently at an early stage of developing models of generative artificial intelligence. It is worth noting that this statement was made rather as a certain belief that the firm has reached the mentioned milestone in its history, rather than as a statement of an unambiguous fact.

Arvind Krishna, during his conversation with media representatives, also noted that competition is useful for buyers. This opinion should be taken in the context of describing the state of affairs in the artificial intelligence market. Moreover, Arvind Krishna stated that IBM is committed to being a safe and responsible company.

It is known that the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority will train its Arabic language model called ALLaM using Watsonx. It is expected that as a result of this activity, new language skills will be added to IBM apps, including the ability to understand multiple dialects of Arabic.

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