India to Fight Deepfakes

India is currently working on creating a regulatory framework that will allow it to implement regulations to combat deepfakes.

India to Fight Deepfakes

A statement of the relevant content on Thursday, November 23, was made by a high-ranking minister of the mentioned South Asian country. The day before, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed concern about the technology with which it is possible to create fakes that have a high level of realism and are difficult to detect.

The Minister of Information Technology of the South Asian country, Ashwini Vaishnaw, after a meeting with scientists, companies owning social media platforms, and industry groups, said that the development of rules for countering deepfakes will be completed within the next few weeks.

Currently, artificial intelligence algorithms trained in online shooting can generate videos that are extremely difficult to distinguish from similar information materials that reflect reality.

Narendra Modi on Wednesday, November 22, in his opening speech at the virtual summit of the G20 countries, appealed to world leaders to work together to regulate machine intelligence. He also expressed concern about the high level of influence of deepfakes on society.

Ashwini Vaishnaw says that in the process of developing a regulatory framework for regulating a potentially dangerous artificial intelligence tool, fines will be studied for individuals who publish AI-generated content under the guise of reliable information, and for social media platforms that have provided the opportunity to publish relevant materials.

Currently, countries around the world are creating rules to control machine intelligence technologies. The President of the United States Joe Biden signed an executive order in October, according to which developers of artificial intelligence systems that contain a potential risk to the national security of the country, the economy, or public health are required to share the results of testing their products before its launch. The United Nations has established an advisory board to address issues related to the management of machine intelligence. European legislators have prepared a draft regulation of artificial intelligence, which can be approved by the end of this year.

As we have reported earlier, Reality Defender Raises $15 Million to Detect Deepfakes.

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