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Indian Tech Giant Wipro to Invest $1 Billion in AI

Wipro, one of the leading software providers in India, intends to train all its employees to use artificial intelligence.

Indian Tech Giant Wipro to Invest $1 Billion in AI

This week, the giant of the Indian IT industry announced plans to allocate funds for $1 billion to improve its capabilities in the field of AI. The company intends to implement this plan concerning actions in the advanced technology sector within the next three years. Part of the money will be spent on organizing training with rapidly developing technologies for the company’s employees, whose total number is 250 thousand people, in 66 countries.

Wipro also plans to hold seminars over the next 12 months on the basics of artificial intelligence and responsible use of digital consciousness tools. The company intends to train employees whose activities are directly related to AI after the expiration of the specified 12-month period.

Also, financial investments of $1 billion will allow the firm to strengthen its capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence, research, and development. The business strategy associated with the use of this money has another important point of activity, which is the improvement of the FullStride cloud service.

Wipro will also accelerate investments in cutting-edge startups through Wipro Ventures. The company will launch the GenAI Seed Accelerator program, in which firms focused on generative artificial intelligence will be trained in the principles of technological interaction with enterprises.

Wipro is currently one of the largest outsourcing firms in India. The company specializes in information technology and consulting services. The firm’s interest in artificial intelligence is more than natural since AI is currently penetrating many spheres of life, profoundly modernizing these spaces. In addition, both the current trends in terms of the most likely prospects for their subsequent dynamics, and the forecasts of experts indicate that the scale of the spread of advanced technology will only expand, and its presence in human life will become more tangible and significant.

Wipro CEO Thierry Delaporte said that the emergence of artificial intelligence, according to his company’s expectations, will provoke a fundamental shift in all industries.

Also this week, the firm launched Wipro ai360, a comprehensive AI-based innovation ecosystem. This ecosystem was created to integrate digital intelligence into every platform, every tool, and every solution used within the company.

Thierry Delaporte stated that Wipro ai360 puts responsible operations with artificial intelligence at the center of all the company’s work with this advanced technology. He also noted that the emergence of an ecosystem will expand the capabilities of the personnel reserve.

Wipro ai360 will unite 30 thousand experts in the area of data analysis and artificial intelligence with a technology and consulting system from four global business areas. Wipro Lab45 Innovation Center will become part of a new ecosystem.

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