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IQ Capital Raises $400 Million for Deep Tech AI Firms

Venture capital company IQ Capital announced the attraction of investment funds for $400 million to provide financial support to startups that operate in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.

IQ Capital Raises $400 Million for Deep Tech AI Firms

Last Monday, June 5, this venture capital firm, which is based in London, announced its intention to use investment funds to finance deep technology companies, which include startups specializing in AI, blockchain, and quantum computing.

Co-founder and managing partner of IQ Capital Kerry Baldwin said that deep technology firms are of particular importance in the context of the development of the innovation sector. The interest in the activities of startups is justified by the fact that the results of their work will have a long-term global impact. Separately, Baldwin stressed that these companies are important for the UK and the EU, which, according to him, continue to lead in technology development.

Max Bautin, also co-founder and managing partner of IQ Capital, said that firms working in the field of deep technologies can have a transformational impact on the surrounding space in the coming years. He also stressed that the significant capabilities of deep technologies demonstrate breakthroughs in new models of artificial intelligence, new energy, solving climate change issues, robotics, the space industry, synthetic biology, and quantum computing.

Last year, the European Union published the European Innovation Agenda, which provides for an increase in the number of startups in the field of deep technologies by attracting financing for $45 billion from private investors.

Matthias Jungman, the founder of Moonfire Ventures, said last week during a conversation with media representatives that artificial intelligence allows venture capital companies to automate and improve the process of making financial decisions by combining the capabilities of machine consciousness, backed by training, with human understanding.

Mike Arpaia, a Moonfire partner, says that AI helps to identify good opportunities more effectively. He also stated that the active integration of artificial intelligence into the field of venture capital is an interesting experience of using advanced technology that has the potential for global transformation.

With the help of artificial intelligence, Moonfire can filter out from 50,000 to 60,000 applications for financing per week, screening them out to about 100 opportunities that correspond to the investment thesis.

A recent report by the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase states the potential of venture capital to invest in AI-oriented crypto projects. David Duong, head of institutional research at the exchange, said that the intersection of artificial intelligence and cryptography is a development opportunity for entrepreneurs who are interested in Web3.

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