Joe Biden Unveils New Executive Order on AI

The President of the United States Joe Biden has unveiled a new executive order on artificial intelligence.

Joe Biden Unveils New Executive Order on AI

In this case, the leadership of the specified country commits the first action of this nature. The US government strives to assess the security risks associated with the process of spreading machine intelligence and integrating advanced technology into various spheres of vital activity.

Also, the new executive order is aimed at developing a system of recommendations for ensuring equality and the realization of civil rights as part of scaling up the use of artificial intelligence. The US government intends to pay special attention to studying the impact of AI on the state of affairs in the labor market.

At the same time, law enforcement agencies have already declared their readiness to apply the existing legislative framework to bring to justice those involved in the use of artificial intelligence in the framework of undesirable scenarios. The Congress made efforts aimed at obtaining the maximum amount of information to form a clear understanding of the essence of advanced technology. The new executive order is a more concrete solution in the context of attempts to create a system for regulating machine intelligence and, according to experts, will have effective practical consequences. A senior official of the US presidential administration in a comment to the media said that the order has the force of law.

The White House has segmented a set of goals and objectives in the structure of the legal concept of AI monitoring. One of the main areas of activity within the framework of the executive order should be the creation of new security standards for artificial intelligence. As part of this task, it is proposed to approve the requirement that some AI companies must provide the results of testing their digital thinking systems to the federal government. In this case, the results of safety studies are implied. It is also planned to instruct the Commerce Department to develop guidance on the application of AI watermarks and the creation of a cybersecurity program that will provide the opportunity to make tools to help detect flaws in critical software.

Another important point of the new executive order is the protection of consumer privacy. In this case, it is proposed to create a set of guidelines that agencies will be able to use to assess the level of effectiveness of methods for solving the mentioned problem used by artificial intelligence.

Special attention in the new executive order is paid to the promotion of justice and civil rights. In this case, it is planned to create a set of recommendations that will help landlords and federal contractors avoid using artificial intelligence algorithms that promote discrimination. In this context, the US presidential administration also intends to form practices regarding the role of AI in the justice system, including in sentencing and crime forecasting.

The new executive order provides for the need to take measures to protect consumers as part of the active spread of artificial intelligence. In this case, it is proposed to send instructions to the Department of Health and Human Services to create a program for assessing potentially dangerous AI-related practices and to form a system of recommendations on the responsible use of advanced technology by educators.

The new executive order also provides for the support of employees through the preparation of a report on the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the labor market. In this case, it offers the study of ways to support people who have encountered problems with work as a result of applying AI.

The promotion of competition and innovation in the artificial intelligence industry is also included in the list of goals and objectives defined by the new executive order as particularly important. The US presidential administration intends to expand grants for research in the sphere of AI to study climate change issues with the help of advanced technology and modernized criteria for highly skilled immigrant workers to stay in the country.

Another point of the new executive order is the statement of the intention to cooperate with international partners to introduce artificial intelligence standards around the world.

Also, the legal concept of interaction with advanced technology at various, including indirect, levels provides for the creation of guidance on the use and procurement of AI by federal agencies. Separately, within the framework of this task, the importance of accelerating the government’s hiring of qualified workers in the sphere of artificial intelligence is indicated.

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed said the new executive order is the most decisive set of measures that any government in the world has ever taken to ensure AI security and trust.

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