JPMorgan Expects Cybersecurity Industry to Benefit from Generative AI

JPMorgan experts believe that in the IT industry, security in the virtual space will remain the most financially costly sector in the foreseeable future.

JPMorgan Expects Cybersecurity Industry to Benefit from Generative AI

Currently, against the background of rising interest rates and the lack of a definitive understanding of their future dynamics, as well as due to macroeconomic uncertainty, restrictions on stock multipliers in the field of cybersecurity have formed. But at the same time, these indicators demonstrate an improvement that is uncharacteristic or not typical in such volumes for other software sectors.

Analysts are also convinced that the sphere of security in the space of the digital universe has several options for implementing solutions based on generative artificial intelligence and machine learning. For example, in this industry, tools created as a result of the use of a new generation of technology can become means of minimizing and neutralizing the threat of cyber attacks, which has recently become an increasingly significant factor with an ever-increasing degree of danger.

Analysts also believe that generative artificial intelligence can help cope with the shortage of security specialists. In the same context, advanced technology can become a solution to the problem of professional development.

The experts’ forecast appeared a few days after JPMorgan management appointed Teresa Heitsenrether as the head of a new data and analytics division. This personnel decision was made as part of the implementation of the strategy for the introduction of artificial intelligence into the space of activity of a financial institution and the integration of the bank into the high-tech dimension.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon stated that AI is crucial for a financial institution and is a critical factor for future success.

The creation of the data processing and analytics division testifies to the bank’s desire to use artificial intelligence to improve operations and improve the quality of customer service.

The director of information security of the Blackhawk Network, Selim Aissi, said last year that artificial intelligence can become a tool for finding and identifying scammers who remain unnoticed. He also noted that advanced technology is particularly effective in obtaining and analyzing information about cyber threats coming from several sources. Selim Aissi said that artificial intelligence strengthens security in the digital space.

Currently, many companies are implementing strategies for the introduction of AI. For example, last week Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched a program for the appropriate purpose. The company has created an information center, whose specialists will ensure the interaction of experts in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning with customers and partners around the world. These efforts in the framework of a $100 million program should contribute to the introduction of AI.

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