Leap Raises $15 Million to Enhance Retail Platform

The Leap retail platform announced that it managed to raise investment funds for $15 million.

Leap Raises $15 Million to Enhance Retail Platform

The company intends to use this funding to assist brands in managing retail operations. Representatives of the firm also stated that the received investment funds will improve the platform and accelerate its movement toward profitability.

Leap co-founder and CEO Amish Tolia says that at present, the need for brands to ensure that stores that provide the maximum degree of physical interaction of the consumer with the product of interest and are called immersive, communicate directly with valuable customers has become particularly relevant. He also stated that as the company grows, the volume of data from top officials and operational efficiency increase. This dynamic creates advantages for brands and landlords that a priori cannot be within the framework of the traditional model of in-house retail.

The Leap platform provides customers with multi-channel metrics capabilities that provide an understanding of traffic and features of customer behavior. The company also provides more traditional services, including finding the location of stores, interacting with landlords, and conducting daily operations.

Last year, Leap managed to raise investment funds for $50 million following the results of the Series B financing round. Then Amish Tolia said that historical experience in the field of sales indicates that brands that take their first steps in the market and engage in retail trade always find themselves at a disadvantage. He also noted that many firms in such situations are guided by the messages of intuition, and do not have the data and sufficient intellectual experience to make reasonable decisions regarding the back office, systems, and location.

Amish Tolia says that not all companies that have achieved success in the virtual space can achieve the same result in the physical world.

Erica Savka, senior vice president for corporate payments and product strategy of trading Services at Bank of America, during a conversation with media representatives in June this year, said that currently, buyers want to be able to seamlessly and seamlessly switch between commercial channels. According to her, the satisfaction of this need can provide a multi-channel presence for the seller. She noted that in this case, the consistency of all channels is important.

In the context of the current conditions of consumer preferences and the specifics of the commercial environment, merchants face the task of combining all client algorithms in terms of product selection and habits in terms of behavior when purchasing within a single offer.

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