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LG Unveils New Version of AI Software

The South Korean company LG Group presented a new version of its software for artificial intelligence Exaone and demonstrated its use in various fields of business and industry.

LG Unveils New Version of AI Software

The LG Exaone 2.0 base model is a new version of the original software configuration that was released in 2021. In this case, it is possible for the technology to identify objects and objects present in the images. The software also allows artificial intelligence models to study information in English and Korean.

The technology giant reports that the new version of the information processing system and program documents has been trained on the basis of approximately 45 million patents and dissertations. Also, 350 million images were used in the software training process.

The company, having released a product for use in the field of artificial intelligence, joined technology firms that create applications based on AI, many of which are similar to the popular chatbot ChatGPT from OpenAI. LG also claims that its advanced bilingual artificial intelligence configuration is a significant competitive advantage over similar digital products of South Korean conglomerates such as Samsung and Hyundai.

Kyunghoon Bae, head of artificial intelligence research at LG, during a press conference held on Wednesday, July 19, in Seoul, said that this company is the only representative of the South Korean technology sector that was able to make a commercial development out of a multimodal artificial intelligence model that supports information processing in two languages. He also noted that AI technologies must be proven through their use for commercial purposes. This statement has somewhat abstract content, but it can be assumed that it implies checking the viability of advanced developments in the space of active application.

LG scientists have already demonstrated the specifics of the functioning of the software in various situations. As part of one of the use cases, Exaone analyzed a conversation between a call center employee and a customer who reported a washing machine malfunction. In another situation, the AI software generated several slogans to advertise cosmetics.

This year, the technology giant intends to launch Exaone sales in various fields, including healthcare and the clean energy industry. A mass buyer can get access to some software functions for free, but the company has not yet made a final decision on this.

Kyunghoon Bae announced the firm’s intention to continue improving the AI model with subsidiaries such as battery giant LG Chem Ltd. and display manufacturer LG Display Co. The company also employs specialists in the field of artificial intelligence and has opened an AI research center in the USA.

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