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Lululemon Adds Textile Recycling to Its Circularity Initiatives

Lululemon has directed a minority investment in the Australian waste recycling company Samsara Eco.

Lululemon Adds Textile Recycling to Its Circularity Initiatives


Firms within the framework of the implementation of the partnership program, which arose as a result of the investment, will interact with the aim of launching the production of recycled nylon and polyester from waste generated during the release of Lululemon clothes. This is stated in the investor’s press release.

Lululemon Vice President of Raw Materials Innovation Yogendra Dandapure says that nylon represents the most significant opportunity to achieve sustainable production goals by the end of this decade. He also stated that this cooperation demonstrates an example of solving unmet needs as a result of collective innovation.

Circular fashion, according to experts, can become a landmark event in the clothing industry. The corresponding trend is becoming more common as the number of its supporters in the industry increases. For example, the Swiss sportswear brand On has launched a subscription program, thanks to which customers receive an endless supply of running shoes. At the same time, consumers must comply with the condition of mandatory return of worn shoes for recycling.

H&M has launched a program called Close the Loop. As part of this offer, customers can donate clothes they no longer need to any recycling container in the store. In exchange, consumers receive coupons that they can use when purchasing products from this manufacturer.

Inditex, the owner of Zara, has launched the Zara Preowned environmental initiative. As part of this initiative, consumers can restore worn-out clothes, resell them or donate them.

Lululemon’s press release indicates that cyclicity will be a key factor in the new stage of development of the retail sector. In April, the company launched the plant-based nylon production process in cooperation with Geno, a company that produces environmentally friendly materials.

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