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Expensify Adds Chat Feature for Accountants

Expensify payments super app now has a chat feature for accountants to better collaborate with clients, gather information and complete tasks related to financial reporting and tax filing

Expensify Adds Chat Feature for Accountants


The new Expensify Chat feature enables accountants to chat with clients and perform other bookkeeping tasks all within a single app, the company said in a Friday (May 19) press release.

Expensify CEO and founder David Barrett explains that using separate apps for tracking tasks, communication and payments is a problem that affects all industries, but especially accountants. This outdated scheme has created a less-than-optimal workflow experience, Expensify aims to improve.

Expensify Chat enables accountants to assign tasks to clients and track their progress within the platform. The universal character of the payments super app means that all relevant expense data and financial information is available within the same system. That makes it easier both for clients to complete their assigned tasks and for accountants to track their progress.

The new features complement the Expensify app’s existing capabilities i.e. expense management, corporate cards, bills, invoices, payroll and travel booking.

In addition, eight months before the update, the firm partnered with the automated corporate bookkeeping platform Botkeeper to streamline its monthly receipt management. Therefore, accounting professionals who use Extensify’s app can automatically provide clients with back-office accounting support, advisory, receipt and expense management services.

Expensify is a US-based software company that has been offering its clients an all-in-one expense management system for personal and business use since 2008. The company also offers a business credit card called the Expensify Card. Expensify’s CPA card combines expense management technology with perks & support for accounting firms.

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