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Mark Zuckerberg Shares AI Products to Reassure Workers of Strategy

The chief executive officer of Meta Platforms, Mark Zuckerberg, tried to reassure the company’s employees about the prospects for implementing the current development strategy of the technology giant, which provides for the concentration of significant forces and resources on activities related to the introduction of artificial intelligence.

Mark Zuckerberg Shares AI Products to Reassure Workers of Strategy

Statements aimed at reducing anxiety about the future of the firm in connection with its strategic priorities were made two weeks after the completion of the last round of workforce reductions. Last Thursday, June 8, Mark Zuckerberg told employees at a general meeting that currently one of the main activities of the technology giant is the introduction of artificial intelligence into the company’s product line.

Also, according to the head of Meta, one of the strategic priorities is the metaverse, which is a virtual reality space. Mark Zuckerberg noted that the universe of digital existence is a distant future and a fundamentally different concept of human presence on the Internet.

The current moment of Meta’s existence is one of the most difficult periods in the company’s history. The firm laid off 10 thousand employees. Such campaigns are clear evidence that the state of affairs does not meet the definition of ideal or maximally positive.

As a result of the battle with all the challenges of the current historical moment, the company was left without a technological roadmap. The media, citing anonymous sources, reported that Meta employees are currently talking among themselves about strong doubts about the correctness of the firm’s current business development strategy.

After the technology giant officially stated its commitment to the implementation of efforts to develop artificial intelligence and announced the beginning of a cost-cutting policy, investors showed increased interest in the company’s shares, the value of which has more than doubled since the beginning of this year. But this positive trend does not cancel out Meta’s predicament.

At the general meeting, Mark Zuckerberg and other representatives of the company’s management got acquainted with artificial intelligence-based products that the technology giant is currently working on. As part of this activity concept, AI-based chatbots with different personas and usefulness will appear in Messenger and WhatsApp.

The company develops high-tech tools that allow you to edit multimedia materials. In this case, it means a tool for Instagram Stories, with which users can make superficial adjustments or radically modify photos based on the algorithm of text prompts.

The company is also developing internal tools, such as intelligent chatbots with which employees can send messages and offer feedback, and a productivity assistant called Metamate.

Mark Zuckerberg called on workers to test new ideas at the generative artificial intelligence hackathon, which is scheduled for July. AI, which is able to create text and images based on user prompts, interested many companies after the successful debut of the chatbot ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI specialists.

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