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Meta Looks to Launch AR Partnership With Magic Leap

The media reports that Meta is seeking to establish a partnership with Magic Leap, which specializes in developments related to augmented reality (AR).

Meta Looks to Launch AR Partnership With Magic Leap


Media representatives, citing anonymous sources, say that the technology giant is currently exploring options for interaction with Magic Leap, within which it will be possible to establish the process of creating basic augmented reality products through intellectual property licensing and contract manufacturing in North America.

Magic Leap produces high-tech lenses and other software that is necessary to create a virtual universe. Media sources claim that within the framework of a potentially possible partnership between this company and the technology giant, the production of the headset will not be launched.

Two former Magic Leap employees stated that the main advantage of the company is the achievements in the field of so-called waveguides, which allow thin glass in front of the user’s eyes to display images of the most realistic configuration at different depth levels.

The media reports that negotiations on cooperation are continuing. Meta is currently interested in investing in the metaverse. At the same time, the company’s sources of financing are dissatisfied with this concept of activity. Their disagreement with the strategy is explained by the fact that according to the results of the fourth quarter of last year, the losses of the division specializing in creating a digital reality space amounted to $ 4.3 billion.

In April, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the main areas of development of the technology giant are the sphere of artificial intelligence and the metaverse. He stated that the company has always been focused on connection and self-expression.

Mark Zuckerberg also says that there is an opportunity to provide artificial intelligence agents to billions of people in ways that will be useful and meaningful. The company is exploring the possibilities of introducing AI-based chatbots in WhatsApp and Messenger, considering the prospects of using content visual creation tools on Facebook and Instagram, advertising, and overtime video. The use of multimodal capabilities is also evaluated separately.

Last week, the tech giant announced progress in cooperation with automaker BMW. Companies have succeeded in exploring the prospects of integrating augmented reality and virtual reality into intelligent vehicles.

Currently, other firms are also actively studying the issue of introducing alternative formats of realness into their business. For example, Disney and Microsoft are working in this direction, but have abandoned the concept of creating a metaverse.

Amazon has announced its readiness to allow customers to buy real goods in the virtual space. The Amazon Anywhere project is an immersive shopping experience. Consumers will be able to purchase physical goods in territories of digital nature, including video games, augmented reality (AR), and mobile applications.

As we have reported earlier, Meta Says Generative AI and Metaverse to Evolve Together.

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