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Mercado Labs Launches Management System for Small Businesses

Mercado Labs has launched an import management system for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBS).

Mercado Labs Launches Management System for Small Businesses


The new digital product is called Mercado Lite. With the help of this system, small and medium-sized enterprises can manage purchase orders in digital format.

The main feature of the new product is that its use provides for lower monthly costs compared to the average and corporate levels of the Import order management System (IOMS). This information is contained in the Mercado Labs press release, which was published on January 24.

Tracking and visibility of goods in transit in real-time is crucial for improving the efficiency of supply chains. This opinion is shared by the CEO of Tive Krenar Komoni Karen Webster

Communication also matters. Niki Antonelli, Senior Director of Customer Success at Logicbroker, believes that the supplier significantly improves its relationship with the seller when it provides him with accurate and timely information about the location of the goods from the moment it is sent from the warehouse to delivery to the end consumer. Disagreements are easier to settle or eliminate altogether with such a format of communication.

Mercado Lite tracks, updates, and manages import orders. The system arranges information and is the only tool for controlling the delivery process for both the importer and the supplier.

Mercado Lite also provides unlimited user accounts for importer vendors. The system helps to establish cooperation to ensure timely deliveries and provides alerts to notify importers of any problems with their orders.

Users will not work with home spreadsheets, faxes, or PDF files, but with a single digital order. About it said Harlan Beverly, Vice President of Engineering at Mercado Labs. He also noted that small and medium-sized importers who use the platform noticed that the number of errors in orders was reduced by 75% due to the built-in change control.

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