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Meta Cuts Prices for Quest 2 Headset

Meta has reduced the cost of the Quest 2 virtual reality headset.

Meta Cuts Prices for Quest 2 Headset

This is quite a logical decision on the part of the mentioned technology giant. In this case, the pattern of reducing the cost of the device is explained by the release of Quest 3. The previous generation of the headset became cheaper by $50.

The 128 GB version of Quest 2 is available for purchase for $249 after the technology giant revised its pricing policy. The previous cost of this device was at the level of $299.

The 256 GB version of Quest 2 is now available for purchase for $299. The previous cost of this device was $349.

The media drew attention to the fact that the new price of the virtual reality headset offered to consumers by the technology giant corresponds to the indicators of Black Friday. Meta management decided to make the cost of the device, which is relevant during a special purchase period, permanent.

The tech giant has also revised its pricing policy downwards concerning the Quest 2 accessory kit. The Quest 2 Elite strap with a battery is now offered for purchase for $89.99. The previous cost of this product was $119.99.

From now on, consumers can purchase the Quest 2 simple Elite strap for $49.99. The previous value of this product was at the level of $59.99.

The Quest 2 carrying case is currently available for purchase for $59.99. The previous cost of this product was $69.99.

The active Quest 2 package has fallen in price from $49.99 to $39.99.

In July 2022, the virtual reality headset, part of the technology giant’s product line, went up by $100. After that, the cost of Quest 2 was fixed at $399.99.

In June 2023, the tech giant announced a new generation of the Quest 3 virtual reality headset. After that, the cost of Quest 2 returned to the level of $299.99.

The decision to reduce the cost could potentially increase sales of this model of the virtual reality headset. This is a realistic prospect, as many consumers are likely to prefer Quest 2 for $249 or $299 instead of Quest 3 for $500. In this case, the price difference is significant.

Quest 3 debuted in September. This device differs from the previous generation of the headset by improving the visual resolution by 30%. Also, the development, which debuted in September, has the advantage of increasing the louder audio range by 40% compared to the same indicator of Quest 2.

Meta is currently striving to make the virtual reality space more accessible to users. Some experts characterize this officially declared aspiration as a slogan to encourage consumers to purchase new inventory to immerse themselves in the digital dimension of being.

Quest 2 was the tech giant’s best non-professional headset last year. Among experts, there is an opinion that Quest 3 will not become a full-fledged alternative to the previous generation of a device for immersion in the virtual reality space. This point of view is based on the fact that the new headset has too big a price difference with the Quest 2, which the improved features will not be able to compensate for. This opinion requires confirmation in the form of sales results and so far is only an assumption.

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