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Meta Horizon Worlds Adds Controls as It Lowers Age Requirement

Meta has announced a relaxation of age requirements, compliance with which allows users to access the virtual reality (VR) platform.

Meta Horizon Worlds Adds Controls as It Lowers Age Requirement


Previous regulations stipulated that access to Meta Horizon Worlds could only be granted to persons aged 18 and older. New rules that allow users over the age of 13 to use the virtual reality platform will be introduced in the United States and Canada in the coming weeks. The relevant information is contained in a press release that was published by Meta last Tuesday, April 18.

The company says that now teenagers will have the opportunity to explore virtual worlds where the rules of alternative reality apply, play games such as Arena Clash and Giant Mini Paddle Golf, watch concerts and humorous shows live, communicate with users around the world, and create their own experience of being within another variation of existence.

Meta also announced in a press release that in connection with the expansion of access to the virtual reality platform, new security features will be introduced for use by minors and their parents. For teenagers, this means that there will be profile privacy settings that allow them to control who they are subscribed to and who can subscribe to them.

Active status settings are now disabled by default. Ratings of materials published on the platform protect minors from content intended exclusively for adults. The company also distorted the voice mode by default and set restrictions on interactions between adults and teenagers.

The capabilities of the functional base of parental control allow you to configure and block security settings. Parents can also track who their children subscribe to, which apps they use, and which content they are most interested in.

Meta’s press release says that access to the platform for teenagers is implemented on the principle of a step-by-step approach, preceding broader opportunities in terms of the scale of activity in virtual reality.

Meta made certain mistakes when implementing its virtual reality offering. This led to the fact that at the end of last year, the number of users of the platform was 200 thousand people, but the initial target was set at 500 thousand.

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