Meta Launches New Subscription Option for Users in Europe

Meta will soon launch a new subscription option for users of the virtual platforms Facebook and Instagram in Europe.

Meta Launches New Subscription Option for Users in Europe

In November, this technology giant will provide those who interact with the mentioned social networks that are part of its ecosystem with the opportunity to continue using the platforms for free, but subject to viewing advertising materials, or subscribe and not waste time getting acquainted with marketing information. The company also guarantees in this case that the confidential data of Facebook and Instagram users in Europe will not be applied for advertising purposes. The relevant information is contained in the press release of the technology giant, which was published on Monday, October 30.

The company also announced that the subscription price in the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland will cost 9.99 euros (about $11) per month on the web and 12.99 euros (about $14) on iOS and Android. The price for owners of devices running on the mentioned operating systems is indicated taking into account the fees charged by Apple and Google, respectively.

The tech giant’s press release indicates that the decision to launch an ad-free subscription option in Europe was taken as a kind of reaction to changing regulations in force in this region. In this case, it is referring to the General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The technology giant also stated its desire to comply with European rules, which are periodically adjusted, and to provide opportunities for activity in the virtual space to users. The company declares aspiration to support the version of the Internet in which there is advertising.

In a press release, the tech giant announced its belief in the advertising-enabled Internet space and stated its intention to continue supporting this segment of the digital dimension, which presents personalized products and services for people regardless of their financial situation. The company also notes that small businesses can find potential customers in this space.

The press release of the technology giant, which is one of the leaders of the modern Internet in the global sense of this definition, indicates that Meta respects the spirit and purpose of the changing European rules and intends to comply with it.

The Facebook and Instagram account model of the new subscription option will be extended to all linked accounts in the User Account Center until March 1 next year. After the specified date, a fee of 6 euros (about $6) per month on the web and 8 euros (about $8) per month on iOS and Android will be charged for each additional account.

No changes are provided for those who plan to continue interacting with Facebook and Instagram in a free format. In this case, the user experience will remain the same. Facebook provides tools and settings, including advertising settings, with which consumers can control the display of relevant materials and influence the content of the ads displayed. The relevant information is contained in the press release of the technology giant.

Meta also reports that advertisers will still be able to conduct personalized marketing campaigns in Europe, targeting users who choose a free online service.

The ad-free subscription option will not be offered to users in the United States in the foreseeable future. The technology giant has developed this proposal solely to ensure that its activities comply with the requirements of European regulators.

Meta’s press release also states that the new option gives the company the ability to continue serving all users and giving them a choice.

The decision of the technology giant, which in a certain sense is forced against the background of external conditions of activity, actualizes the question of the future of social networks and their business strategies. Traditionally, advertising has been the main source of income for these virtual platforms. If the majority of consumers decide to pay for subscriptions that eliminate the need to watch advertising materials, business plans will be radically changed.

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