Meta Launches Threads Beta Program for Android Users

Meta launches a beta version of the Threads application for owners of devices running on the Android operating system.

Meta Launches Threads Beta Program for Android Users

Interaction with the virtual platform in beta mode provides users with early access to new features and bug fixes. At the same time, we should not forget that in this case the process of functioning of the application in its incomplete form is implied, which is why there are risks of various shortcomings and problems during loading.

The tech giant’s new social network, which was positioned as a competitor to Twitter, was launched last week and two days after its debut, its user base was 70 million people. This virtual platform lacks some important functions for such applications, including direct messages, subscribers’ feeds, full web version, and some others. The current configuration of the new social network is somewhat simplified. Against this background, the beta version of the application may be of interest to those users who need functionality that is expanded compared to the current list of features.

At the same time, the social network warns that beta testing provides for the transfer to the developer of certain information about the actions of people on the virtual platform. This is necessary to improve the application. The social network also reminds that the test version of the digital product is likely to be characterized by unstable functioning.

Users can already go through the registration procedure required to access the beta version of the application. Anyone can get acquainted with the test configuration of the virtual platform in a practical sense.

Threads allows Instagram users to authenticate using existing accounts. The new social network provides for the possibility of posting texts up to 500 characters long, links, images, and videos, the duration of which does not exceed 5 minutes.

Threads in the standard version is available on iOS and Android in 100 countries. EU residents are still unable to evaluate the new social network due to concerns of the technology giant regarding compliance with local data privacy rules.

Threads has already attracted the attention of Twitter, the main competitor. A company owned by Elon Musk is threatening a new virtual platform with a lawsuit over the use of trade secrets. Claims were also made public about the poaching of former Twitter employees. Meta refutes these statements.

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