Meta Reportedly Plans to Entice Younger Users With Help of AI

The media reported that Meta considers artificial intelligence as a kind of means and tool, the integration of which into the ecosystem of the technology giant and its active use in this virtual space can contribute to gaining a young consumer audience.

Meta Reportedly Plans to Entice Younger Users With Help of AI

Journalists, referring to insiders who are aware of the intentions of Mark Zuckerberg’s company, claim that by the end of this week, the mentioned player in the social media market can present new chatbots based on machine intelligence. Preliminary data indicate that the technology giant is currently conducting corporate testing of these digital products on its own. Insiders claim that the company intends to present the first chatbot based on artificial intelligence at the Meta Connect conference, which will be held on September 27 and 28 in Menlo Park, California. The media, citing their sources, report that the technology giant plans to use this digital product to gain users belonging to a young audience of virtual content consumers.

Insiders say that the company’s plans related to the use of artificial intelligence are large-scale. According to them, the technology giant intends to develop several dozen AI-based chatbots. Insiders also say that the company has developed a digital product that allows celebrities and creators to use personal chatbots, in which machine intelligence is integrated, to communicate with fans.

The media also got acquainted with the internal documentation of the technology giant. As a result of this work, information was received that Meta has developed a chatbot called Robot Bob, which positions itself as a sass master general, which is characterized by a high level of intellectual development, sharp wit, and biting sarcasm. Whether all these characteristics will manifest themselves during the application of this digital product will become known after its launch in a publicly available technological environment.

Experts note that a young audience is a priority for Meta. The company, not without chagrin, witnessed the active transition of virtual activity of teenagers to TikTok from Instagram. Two years ago, Mark Zuckerberg, commenting on this trend, said that the firm is retooling its teams so that the main goal is interaction with young users, and not optimization processes to meet the digital needs of the maximum number of elderly people.

Speaking about the priorities of the technology giant in terms of interaction with the audience, the head of Meta noted that focusing on consumers of content of a younger age group will require certain compromises in the product. He also stated that this will most likely mean that the growth of the rest of the community of one of the largest players in the social media market will have a slower pace than what could be observed in the case of the implementation of another concept of the company for interaction with the audience. Separately, Mark Zuckerberg noted that the current system of priorities of the technology giant, which determines the ideological basis of user orientation, involves increasing the level of accessibility of Meta services for young people.

The tech giant’s bet on artificial intelligence as a means of gaining a young audience is justified. The expediency of this approach is confirmed by the results of special studies, according to which 56% of Generation Z in the United States are interested in communications using AI. Also, 62% of them seek entertainment based on machine intelligence. Another 62% of representatives of this generation are interested in making purchases using artificial intelligence.

Experts make the assumption that Generation Z is very likely to recognize the ability of AI to replace some skills. Also, in their opinion, this age group is to be interested in work supplemented by digital intelligence. Experts note that young people who earn more than 100 thousand dollars a year or work in an office environment are better aware of the potential of machine intelligence than others.

In September, the media reported that Meta is developing a new artificial intelligence system to compete with OpenAI, which created the world’s most popular chatbot with digital thinking ChatGPT. Journalists assume that this system will be launched next year and will become more powerful than the Llama 2 AI configuration, which the tech giant presented summer of 2023.

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