Meta Reportedly Reassigns Responsible AI Team to New Duties

The media reports that Meta reassigns the Responsible AI team to other internal projects involving the use of advanced technology that can potentially change human civilization’s life.

Meta Reportedly Reassigns Responsible AI Team to New Duties

The journalists, referring to a representative of the company, which has a large-scale digital ecosystem, that includes popular virtual platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, published data that employees of this giant of the innovation industry are currently working to prevent potential harm caused by machine intelligence.

According to a media insider, Meta strives to bring its staff closer to creating core products based on artificial intelligence. A company representative also said that most of the employees of the Responsible AI team are moving to work on generative digital intelligence. Separately, the insider noted that the mentioned group of specialists will continue to support corporate efforts for the responsible development of artificial intelligence technologies and its use based on the same principle. A Meta representative said that some of the team’s employees are going to the AI infrastructure.

The insider said that the technology giant continues to prioritize and direct investment funds into the safe and responsible development of machine intelligence. According to this person, changes in the Responsible AI team will allow the company to better cope with the task of scaling to meet future needs related to artificial intelligence.

In October, Meta employees announced during the earnings report that digital intelligence will be the main focus of the tech giant next year. The company CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that in terms of investment priorities, AI will be the largest area of financial investment in 2024. He noted Meta’s intention to allocate significant funds for developing engineering and computing resources.

These statements indicate that projects unrelated to artificial intelligence are losing their positions in the hierarchy of priorities of the technology giant. The company is interested in developing AI and hiring employees for positions related to the relevant industry.

Meta CFO Susan Li during a conversation with analysts, answering a question about the use of artificial intelligence in the framework of advertising placement and distribution activities, and new scenarios for applying advanced technology, said that testing of these solutions continues. She also noted that the mentioned solutions will be integrated into the advertising manager after these products are ready for full use.

Returning to the question of the safe and responsible application of artificial intelligence, it should be noted that currently in the industry of advanced technologies, the approach to activity based on these principles has become a kind of fashionable trend. A noteworthy circumstance is that the developers voluntarily assume the corresponding obligations. Last week, a group of more than 40 venture capital companies, including General Catalyst, Felicis Ventures, Bain Capital, IVP, Insight Partners, and Lux Capital, signed an agreement of a similar nature declaring a commitment to the responsible use of artificial intelligence, transparency and accessibility of documentation, forecasting risks and benefits, audit and testing, feedback loop and continuous improvements.

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