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Meta Suspendes AI Models Launch in Europe

Meta Platforms has postponed the launch of its artificial intelligence models in Europe.

Meta Suspendes AI Models Launch in Europe

The mentioned technology giant, which is based in Menlo Park, California, made the specified decision after the Irish privacy regulator asked to delay the process of implementing a plan to harness user data. In this significant for the Europe case, confidential information of account holders on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook is meant. The relevant message was released by the technology giant on Friday, June 14.

The advocacy group NOYB has repeatedly called for action against Meta by contacting data protection authorities in countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Italy, and Ireland. Claims have been made against the technology giant’s plan to use personal information to train artificial intelligence models without first obtaining consent to take appropriate actions. At the same time, the company said that only publicly available and licensed online data will be used.

On Friday, Meta reported that the Irish privacy watchdog had asked it to delay training large language models using publicly available content. In this case, it takes note of the data massive that Instagram and Facebook account holders share.

The official Meta blog post contains a statement of disappointment with the request from the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC). It is also noted in this message that the mentioned request is a step back for European innovation and competition in the area of artificial intelligence development.

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