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Meta Removes AI-Generated Influence Campaigns

Meta Platforms removed hundreds of accounts on its Facebook social media platform, which were used by several countries to launch and subsequently distribute information campaigns.

Meta Removes AI-Generated Influence Campaigns

It is worth noting that in this case, the content was generated by artificial intelligence. The technology giant’s quarterly threat report contains a statement that the information materials distributed by the removed accounts were aimed at misleading the public on many global issues.

Instagram and WhatsApp are currently part of the Meta digital ecosystem, in addition to Facebook. On these virtual platforms, the technology giant has fixed cases of artificial intelligence being used to generate deepfakes in the form of images, videos, and text materials. It is worth noting that in recent years, AI has increasingly become a tool for appropriate purposes. Such activities in most cases are aimed either at manipulating semantic structures in the space of public discourse or at deception to obtain financial results illegally.

Meta notes that the spread of the practice of generating deepfakes using artificial intelligence has not weakened the technology giant’s ability to disrupt networks promoting relevant content.

Currently, AI is also actively used to generate content aimed at achieving certain political goals. Groups of cybercriminals using artificial intelligence form information materials containing narratives designed to form in the public consciousness a specific assessment of certain events and the approval of some ideological systems as the only true vision of the current state of human civilization in the context of interstate relations.

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