Apple to Open First Store in Malaysia

Apple plans to open its first store in Malaysia next month.

Apple to Open First Store in Malaysia

The mentioned technology giant made a statement of the corresponding content on Wednesday, May 29. The company also separately noted that the scaling of its activities in Asia goes beyond China. Currently, many companies are either beginning to diversify their business in the mentioned region or are stating intentions of a similar nature. In this case, it is implied that firms are starting to actively develop business outside of China, but at the same time maintaining their presence in Asia, which is a very important market. The corresponding tendency was formed against the background of deteriorating relations between Beijing and Washington. As part of this negative dynamic, the United States restricts Chinese companies’ access to advanced chips. For this reason, many firms, fearing sanctions from Washington, diversify their activities outside the mentioned Asian country.

The technology giant’s new store will be opened at the Exchange TSX Mall, located in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. The company announced that the store’s operation will begin on June 22.

It is also worth noting that Apple has been facing problems in China lately. Currently, competition from local technology companies is increasing in this market. In this context, a significant improvement in Huawei’s market position has become a particularly important factor.

Last year, Apple opened its first stores in India. This South Asian country is an important manufacturing hub for the iPhone. The technology giant expects India’s importance in its producing network to increase.

Apple already has stores in other Asian locations, including Singapore and Thailand.

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