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Apple Reportedly Designs AI Chip for Data Centres

The media reports that Apple specialists are currently developing a chip to run artificial intelligence tools in data centers.

Apple Reportedly Designs AI Chip for Data Centres

It is worth noting that the mentioned information is insider information and has not yet been commented on by the technology giant based in Cupertino, California. According to data released by the media, the company’s new chip, which so far largely corresponds to the status of a hypothetical product, may never be presented. Journalists claim that in this case, the technology giant does not have a clearly defined and unambiguously fixed goal in the form of subsequent production and mass use of the microcircuit. Based on this information, it can be assumed that the company will make the final decision on the chip to run artificial intelligence tools after the ultimate result of the development of the corresponding product is received. In a sense, for Apple, designing this microcircuit is an experiment. It is worth noting that the relevant assumption is based solely on insider information.

The media released information about the development of the mentioned chip, citing anonymous insiders who are aware of these efforts of the technology giant. The journalists also reported that the company’s relevant activities are based on its previous experience designing its own microcircuits, which will be used in the iPhone, Mac, and other devices included in the Apple product line.

Insiders claim that the new chip has received the internal code name ACDC.

Currently, Apple is striving to become a significant player in the artificial intelligence industry. It is worth noting that the competitiveness of the technology giant in the relevant sphere of activity does not yet correspond to the parameters of leadership.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has already announced the imminent integration of artificial intelligence into the company’s products but did not detail the relevant intentions. He sees AI as a source of significant opportunities. Such an approach to the perception of the potential of advanced technology is correct. Artificial intelligence systems have already demonstrated impressive cognitive abilities and have prospects for further improvement. Some experts predict that at some point AI will surpass the human mind in terms of the possibilities of cognition of the surrounding reality and analysis of patterns and principles of the process of functioning of the space of the being.

Apple is expected to present its strategy for activities in the area of artificial intelligence at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which will be held in June. There is an assumption circulating in the expert community that the approach of the technology giant in the AI industry will focus on proactive functions. In this case, it means functions that help users solve everyday tasks.

The media also reported that Apple is in talks with OpenAI and Google about providing access to their artificial intelligence services. As for the potential interaction of the technology giant with the ChatGPT developer, one of the likely results of the relevant cooperation may be the integration of AI functions into the new version of the operating system for the iPhone.

The media also reported that as part of the negotiations between Apple and Google, the issue of licensing an AI-based chatbot is being considered.

Tim Cook has stated that he is a ChatGPT user. In this context, the Apple CEO also noted that certain problems need to be solved.

If the tech giant does develop and then present its chip for data centers, it means improving its position in terms of competitiveness. It is worth noting that recently many large companies have stated their intentions to produce microcircuits. For example, last month Meta announced that its next-generation artificial intelligence chips would be more powerful. Such aspirations of technology companies are natural. The experience of the coronavirus pandemic has shown that large-scale supply chains involving multiple parties from different regions of the world can cause a sensitive failure with significant consequences during periods of unforeseen circumstances at the global level. Also, growing geopolitical tensions are forming an understanding of the importance of what can be called industrial autonomy, which allows companies to independently meet the needs necessary for a full-fledged business.

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