Apple Unveils New iPad Pro

Apple has unveiled new versions of its iPad Pro and iPad Air tablets.

Apple Unveils New iPad Pro

The mentioned technology giant, which is based in Cupertino, California, hopes that the new lineup of instances of the specified device will become catalysts for increased activity in the tablet market, which has recently been in the condition of deep downturn.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the debuts of new devices were the most important events for the iPad in its entire history.

The new iPad Pro operates based on a custom M4 processor, the performance indicator of which is four times higher than the similar figure typical for previous versions of the tablet. It’s worth mentioning that Apple’s latest MacBook lineup is currently powered by an M3 chip. Tim Cook says that the mentioned microcircuit is incredibly powerful for artificial intelligence.

Currently, the tech giant is expected to unveil the first lineup of AI tools for the iPhone and iPad in June as part of the Worldwide Developers Conference.

The newest iPad Pro was presented in two sizes, including 11 and 13 inches. The smaller version of the device is the thinnest as of today – 5.1 mm. The weight of this tablet modification is less than a pound. The iPad Pro display combines two OLED panels. This solution provides the maximum brightness level. As for the color scheme of the iPad Pro, in this case, there are two options, including silver and a special space black.

The iPad Air was first presented in two sizes. In this case, an 11-inch version and a 13-inch modification are also provided. The iPad Air was equipped with an M2 custom chip. In this case, a faster graphics processor unit is provided. The device was also equipped with a neural engine, which is 50% faster compared to the same characteristics of the previous generation of the iPad Air. The technology giant claims that the M2 chip better supports artificial intelligence-based software.

Moreover, the iPad Air was equipped with a front-facing camera for capturing landscapes. The company also announced that this device is offered in colors such as blue, starlight, silver, and space gray.

Moreover, the technology giant presented an updated Apple Pencil. This device has a new squeeze feature, with which users can bring up tools, customize the drawing layers according to what they are working on, and enable haptic feedback. Also, the updated Apple Pencil received a feature called Find My. This solution allows users to locate the pencil when it inevitably goes missing.

Moreover, the technology giant has unveiled a redesigned Magic Keyboard with a haptic trackpad. As a result of this solution, the iPad, in terms of functional specificity, gets more common characteristics with a laptop. Some major apps, including Final Cut, have also received significant updates. For example, users can add audio based on artificial intelligence or edit relevant materials using AI.

The new iPad lineup is already available for pre-order. The devices will ship to the technology giant’s stores next week. The cost of the iPad Pro starts at $999. The cheapest modification of the iPad Air is available for buying starting at $599. The Apple Pencil costs $129. The price of the Magic Keyboard starts from $249.

Last week, Apple released information according to which its tablet sales revenue for January-March of the current year amounted to $5.6 billion. This figure is 17% lower than the result recorded in the first quarter of 2023. At the same time, the technology giant expects tablet sales to show growth between April and June. This optimistic forecast is probably related to the debut of the new iPads. The impact of new products on the dynamic of sales is what can be described as a pattern. But in the case of tablets, this kind of market law may not generate the desired result for Apple. It is worth noting that devices of the corresponding category are currently located on the periphery of the consumer interest zone. The corresponding state of affairs is because the functional specifics of tablets are no longer strongly necessary in terms of meeting user needs. Smartphone capabilities are rapidly increasing. The list of functions of devices of the corresponding category is intensively expanding and already actually covers all user needs. Against this background, the exigency to use of tablets is significantly reduced. Currently, there is no special or unique need for applying the mentioned devices, which can be conditionally characterized as a link between laptops and smartphones that do not have exclusive features that can interest consumers.

It is worth noting that the iPad continues to be the best-selling model in the global tablet market. Data from the research company IDC indicates that in the first quarter of 2024, about 10 million corresponding Apple devices were sold worldwide. The mentioned figure is equivalent to a market share indicator of 32%.

Last week, Apple also released data that its revenue for the first quarter of 2024 was fixed at $90.8 billion. This indicator is 4% lower than the result for the same period last year. The technology giant is currently facing growth challenges, especially in the Chinese market. A significant factor affecting the company’s performance is global economic uncertainty, which corrects consumer behavior toward a decrease in the level of relevant activity. Moreover, last week the technology giant announced a share buyback for $110 billion. The decision was significantly affected by a 10% year-on-year drop in iPhone sales in the first quarter of 2024.

Ben Wood, chief analyst at CCS Insight, a marketing research company, says that the debut of the new iPad Pro’s M4 chip and a substantial increase in the microcircuit’s performance level may be enough to become a catalyst for growing consumer interest. According to the expert, new versions of the device are unlikely to return the corresponding category to the growth trajectory immediately, but they are a much-needed reason to upgrade outdated products.

Last week, Tim Cook hinted that generative artificial intelligence tools could be integrated into the technology giant’s apparatuses in the foreseeable future. According to him, the company perceives AI as the main opportunity for its products. It is worth noting that in the context of the current technological reality, the integration of artificial intelligence is what can be called an indispensable condition for a high level of competitiveness.

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