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Microsoft CEO Says About AI Significant Influence

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella compared artificial intelligence to a tidal wave in terms of influencing the processes taking place in the plane of human life.

Microsoft CEO Says About AI Significant Influence

The figurative and symbolic semantic parallel was chosen by the head of the company for a reason. In 1995, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates sent out a memo comparing the Internet to a tidal wave. He also stated that the Worldwide Network will have a profound impact on all aspects of the company’s business. Satya Nadela says that, in his opinion, machine intelligence will have a similar degree of impact and did not rule out that the transformational effect of digital intelligence will exceed the power of the Internet in terms of its contribution to the current technological format of human life.

The head of Microsoft shared his thoughts on the prospects of the impact of artificial intelligence on the world in its socio-economic, humanitarian, and political dimensions during a conversation with journalists.

Currently, the technology giant is in a certain sense in a state of transformation. In this process, the main role belongs to the startup OpenAI, which managed to develop a technology of generative artificial intelligence of such strength that Microsoft, not without reason believing in the prospects of interaction with this company, provided investment funds in the amount of $13 billion.

Sam Altman, the chief executive Officer of OpenAI, described the current state of relations between the startup and the technology giant as excellent. He noted that most historical examples indicate the failure of a major partnership. According to him, cooperation between a startup and Microsoft is a rare positive experience. He also expressed gratitude to the partner for the current level of relations.

The partnership between a startup and a technology giant is viewed negatively by many. One of the critics of this collaboration is Elon Musk. A billionaire was one of the co-founders of OpenAI. At some point, he left the startup, explaining his decision by disagreements regarding the concept of the firm’s activities. Elon Musk also expressed dissatisfaction with the creation of a commercial division of the company. Another reason for the billionaire’s negative perception of the partnership is that, according to him, OpenAI is under the control of the tech giant.

Commenting on the claims of the founder of Space X and the likelihood that Microsoft will buy a startup, Sam Altman said that the company is not for sale and noted that there could not be a clearer answer in this context.

Netscape inspired Bill Gates to create an Internet memorandum. In modern times, a similar situation is observed in the context of the fact that the creation of OpenAI and its support by Microsoft is partly a reaction to the likelihood of Google’s dominance in the area of artificial intelligence. Architecture ChatGPT and Bing chatbot were invented by the Internet giant. Google is not an outsider in the artificial intelligence race, but Microsoft and OpenAI currently have the status of leaders.

Bill Gates’ actions forced Netscape out of the market and became the catalyst for the US government’s antitrust lawsuit. Sam Altman says that it is too early to talk about the sustainability of his startup’s positions. He also stated that the sphere of artificial intelligence is the most competitive environment in the technology sector.

Microsoft announced its readiness to participate in discussions with governments in order to create a space for competition in the field of AI.

Satya Nadella says the extent of the impact of digital intelligence remains to be seen. He also declared his commitment to the idea of democratizing access to technology.

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