Microsoft Launches AI-Powered Service for Blind Customers

Microsoft plans to launch a new service based on artificial intelligence, designed to serve customers of this technology giant who have eyesight problems.

Microsoft Launches AI-Powered Service for Blind Customers

The media reports that the company is currently working with an app created by Be My Eyes, which uses the ChatGPT-4 digital intelligence model developed by OpenAI specialists. This virtual product is intended for users who are faced with the problem of blindness or have very poor eyesight, which does not allow them to fully familiarize themselves with the content of the surrounding space through visual perception. The mentioned app generates a description of photos taken by a person.

Microsoft plans to integrate artificial intelligence technology in the form used in the digital product Be My Eyes into its support service for consumers with disabilities. The partnership with the app provides the technology giant’s customers who are blind or have eyesight problems with the opportunity to fully interact with equipment suppliers and perform some actions, including, for example, installing software, without assistance.

Be My Eyes has already tested an artificial intelligence-based visual consumer service tool this year. Users of Microsoft digital products took part in this process. Representatives of Be My Eyes stated that only 10% of those who have gained experience interacting with machine intelligence have opted for subsequent work with humans within the framework of the tasks that advanced technology can perform. The mentioned company also reported that artificial intelligence processes user requests faster compared to the speed that a person demonstrates.

This week, innovative solutions were also presented for Microsoft Copilot, a virtual assistant based on machine intelligence designed to increase productivity in professional activities and introduce various kinds of creative solutions into work and personal life. One of the upgrades of this digital product is its ability to create customized user experiences. Consumers can provide Copilot with detailed information about their activities and preferences. Based on these data, AI provides individual assistance on a wide range of issues. The personalization feature is already available in Word and PowerPoint and will soon be extended to other Microsoft 365 apps.

According to the results of special studies, it was found that people perceive artificial intelligence differently depending on gender, generation, and level of financial security. For example, in the United States, 46% of men said they were well acquainted with advanced technology. Among women, this figure is 33%. Also, 35% of men said that the presence of artificial intelligence in their daily lives is already significant. Among women, about 31% of respondents stated this.

According to the results of the mentioned studies, it was found that younger age groups are more active and open in matters of mastering machine intelligence technologies. In the United States, 65% of Generation Z respondents said they were very or extremely familiar with artificial intelligence.

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