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Microsoft Points to Generational Shift in Web Search

The impact of generative artificial intelligence has for Microsoft is an effect that meets the definition of deep transformation.

Microsoft Points to Generational Shift in Web Search


The company implements the entire set of its products – from Dynamics 365 to Azure – through integrations and improvements that are based on the powerful capabilities of new artificial intelligence models, not just changing measures, but also expanding the space of alternative virtual reality in terms of scale and in terms of its content.

Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella, during the tech giant’s earnings report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2023, listed the options for using AI and partnerships based on the development and implementation of artificial intelligence. He also expressed confidence in the positive prospects for activities in this direction, mentioning the multibillion-dollar investments in the advanced industry announced by OpenAI and the technology giant in January.

Speaking about the development of the web search system through the active introduction of AI, Nadella said that two months after the launch of the new Bing and Edge, positive consumer feedback was received, and effective models for using the technology were created. He also stated that daily installations of the Bing mobile app have increased 4 times.

The Microsoft chairman noted that the level of interaction with Bing and Edge increases when people use advanced artificial intelligence features. He also stated that the company is committed to the future, where chat will become a new way of finding information. According to him, users will have a choice of business models and options for working with Azure-based chat entry points in Bing, Edge, Windows, and OpenAI ChatGPT.

Speaking about cloud computing, Nadella said was made a bet on Azure a stake as customers continue to choose ubiquitous computing infrastructure, from cloud to Edge, and every application becomes equipped with artificial intelligence. He stated that Microsoft currently has the most powerful AI infrastructure, which is used by OpenAI, Nvidia, and leading startups such as Adept and Inflation to train large models.

In the context of discussions about Microsoft Power Platform, and its low-coding development environment, Nadella said that more than 36 thousand organizations have already used the existing artificial intelligence capabilities in Power Platform. The new Copilot and Power apps expand these capabilities for end users.

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