Microsoft Reportedly Works to Build Cheaper AI Software

The media reports that Microsoft is currently developing artificial intelligence technologies at a lower cost while maintaining a quality level that is not lower than that of machine intelligence created by OpenAI specialists.

Microsoft Reportedly Works to Build Cheaper AI Software

According to journalists, the technology giant is currently seeking to reduce the amount of costs associated with the integration of OpenAI technology. Microsoft plans to achieve this goal by creating its own software for artificial intelligence. The media reported this data with reference to insiders who are aware of the intentions of the technology giant.

The implementation of this Microsoft plan will allow the company to increase the scale of control over the development and implementation of machine intelligence in its product line. This is an important task, including in the context of increasing competition in sphere developments based on new-generation technology.

Peter Lee, corporate vice president and head of Microsoft Research, currently leads a team that consists of approximately 1,500 specialists. This group of employees of the company is engaged in the creation of the so-called conversational model of artificial intelligence, which should become more economical in operation.

The primary goal of the technology giant in the framework of its activities to create its own software for machine intelligence is the subsequent application of this product in its line of developments, including in the Bing search chatbot. This chatbot currently uses its own models for some queries. Artificial intelligence configurations developed by specialists OpenAI can cope with more complex tasks within the framework of meeting the information needs of customers.

Microsoft is one of those technology giants that actively interact with advanced startups in the area of machine intelligence and provide investment funds to these companies, providing them with the money needed to create and train fundamental AI models. Also, large players provide access to computing power for firms that are at the initial stage of existence. Microsoft has invested in OpenAI.

Business in the artificial intelligence industry, according to experts, is becoming more expensive and competitive. According to some estimates, the Microsoft Bing AI chatbot, based on the OpenAI large language model (LLM), requires an infrastructure worth at least $4 billion to function effectively.

The news about the start of the technology giant’s work on cheaper artificial intelligence appeared a few days after the company announced the launch of its AI-based assistant Microsoft Copilot, designed to change the format of user interaction with innovative developments. The digital assistant will be integrated into Windows 11, Bing, Edge, and Microsoft 365 Copilot.

The leader in the sphere of generative artificial intelligence is currently OpenAI. This company was able to gain a foothold at the top thanks to an AI-based chatbot called ChatGPT, which is the most popular product in the corresponding category worldwide. The media reports that the firm is approaching annual revenue of $1 billion. Currently, the company earns approximately $80 million a month.

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