Microsoft Rolls Out Update to Windows 11 PC

Microsoft on Tuesday, October 31, announced the launch of the next major update for the Windows 11 operating system for personal computers.

Microsoft Rolls Out Update to Windows 11 PC

The main feature of this update is a chatbot based on artificial intelligence, which is called Copilot. This digital product of the technology giant has a certain degree of similarity with ChatGPT, created by the OpenAI startup, and is the most popular development in the corresponding category.

Copilot is a generative artificial intelligence model that is able to create text materials and at the same time operate with facts and data within the framework of the thinking paradigm characteristic of the human mind. Also, this configuration of machine intelligence has the ability to generate other content. To solve such tasks, this variation of advanced technology requires elementary commands from the human side.

The chatbot, developed by Microsoft specialists, relies on the basic models of a large language that OpenAI has trained on huge amounts of information. The machine intelligence configuration offered to users as part of a new set of updates for Windows 11 can write texts for emails sent by e-mail, answer questions, and automatically perform actions in the mentioned operating system, supplementing its knowledge base with data from various websites.

This year Microsoft updated its Bing search engine with a chatbot. The introduction of AI allowed to expand the capabilities of this system. This week, the tech giant will launch sales of Microsoft 365 Copilot, augmented with artificial intelligence, for corporate workers using the company’s apps to increase productivity.

Windows Copilot features for personal computers provide the ability to open apps, switch to dark mode, turn on Bluetooth, and receive instructions on how to take a screenshot.

StatCounter data shows that about 24% of desktop PCs worldwide are currently running on Windows 11. The operating system of the technology giant of the previous generation called Windows 10 will be supported until October 2025. This OS version currently controls over 70% of the market.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said last week that there is currently an accelerated deployment of Windows 11 worldwide by companies such as BP, Eurowings, Kantar, and RBC. In the structure of the technology giant’s business, the development and maintenance of the operating system is an important segment that provides a tenth of the company’s total revenue. Windows serves as a kind of base for Microsoft 365 apps and a springboard for growth in the Azure public cloud.

Also, the list of new features offered as part of the update of the mentioned 11th-generation operating system includes a virtual video editor with the possibility of automatic layout, built into the Clipchamp app.

Another new offering is polyglot screen reading. In this case, a natural-sounding virtual voice using artificial intelligence reads the text in several languages, including English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The new update among other things offers adaptive dimming, which reduces the brightness of the display when the user’s eyes are taken away in order to save electricity.

Also, the advanced app Snipping Tool allows you to copy text from a screenshot and quickly edit emails or phone numbers.

Another new solution as part of the update is the ability to create backup companies of apps previously installed on the PC in order to restore them together with the pinned settings in the future.

Microsoft plans to test the drawing with words feature in the next few weeks. In this case, it is enough for the user to describe the content of the future image in words and choose the style, after which the appropriate visual material will be created. Over time, a new feature based on artificial intelligence will be built into Paint. This tool is similar to analogical Adobe solutions.

Those users who want to get acquainted with the mentioned and some other new solutions offered by the technology giant, in a practical sense, should go to the Windows Update Center in the Settings section and click Check for updates.

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