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Microsoft Says About Potential of AI Service for Science

Microsoft Corporation uses artificial intelligence and powerful computers to help researchers accelerate their work on the discovery of new chemical compounds and materials having a large-scale sphere of application, including batteries and environmentally friendly paints.

Microsoft Says About Potential of AI Service for Science

Jason Zander, executive vice president of strategic missions and technology at the specified corporation, said that the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory used the Azure Quantum Elements service to quickly evaluate 32 million potential materials for a new battery.

Microsoft, in collaboration with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, has trained various artificial intelligence systems to do sophisticated evaluations of workable elements and propose combinations. The algorithm generated 32 million offers. Then the artificial intelligence system found all the materials that are characterized by stability. Another AI tool filtered out candidate molecules based on their reactivity. Another one configuration of artificial intelligence found out the molecules, focusing on their potential to conduct energy.

The tech giant notes that in this case, the goal is not to find the perfect option but to find as many good offers as possible.

The Department of Energy facility also selected 18 of the most promising candidates after using the specified service.

Paint company AkzoNobel has also applied Azure Quantum Elements to develop environmentally friendly products. British chemical manufacturer Johnson Matthey Plc uses this service to accelerate work on hydrogen fuel cells.

Azure Quantum Elements was presented last year. Despite the name, this digital platform does not rely on quantum computing. In part, the mentioned circumstance is the result of Microsoft’s efforts to create quantum computers that use the movement of subatomic particles to process huge amounts of information, which turned out to be slower than originally expected and did not meet the schedule.

The tech giant is currently actively implementing artificial intelligence into its products. Jason Zander stated that the corporation will use AI not only to improve office and corporate solutions. He noted that artificial intelligence can also accelerate scientific discoveries.

One of the sectors of using machine intelligence in the context of scientific applying advanced technology is the elimination of so-called forever chemicals. These substances have been linked to cancer and are used in hundreds of everyday products, including, among others, fabric protectors, electronics, foam, toilet paper, and non-stick frying pans. In the context of discussing this issue, Jason Zander stated that Microsoft will help customers find safe alternatives faster.

The tech giant intends to use quantum computing in the future to accelerate scientific discoveries. Jason Zander noted that large-scale quantum computers are needed for success in research in computational chemistry and molecular science. According to him, work on the relevant devices continues.

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