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Microsoft to Add OpenAI’s Models to Copilot

Microsoft has announced that new features will be added to its artificial intelligence service Copilot next year.

Microsoft to Add OpenAI’s Models to Copilot

The relevant information is contained in a message that was published on the blog of the specified technology giant last Tuesday, December 5. The addition of new functions to the artificial intelligence service, which is part of the structure of the digital ecosystem of this company, became known on the eve of the celebration of the first year of Copilot’s existence.

Yusuf Medhi, executive vice president and Director of consumer marketing at Microsoft, expressed delight at the scale and depth of the impact of the mentioned machine intelligence-based development on the lives of hundreds of millions of people. According to him, the data shows that by using Copilot for Microsoft 365, consumers increase their productivity and work speed in solving tasks such as searching and writing.

Shortly, the machine intelligence-based service created by the technology giant will be able to carry out activities of a higher level of complexity. New features will appear after the integration of the GPT-4 artificial intelligence model from OpenAI into this digital system. The company’s message contains information that the mentioned machine intelligence configuration will appear in Copilot in the coming weeks.

A new OpenAI DALL-E 3 model has also been integrated into Microsoft’s artificial intelligence service. This machine intelligence configuration provides users with the ability to create high-quality images and guarantees a high level of compliance of the generated content with the consumer’s request.

As part of one of the new features that will soon be integrated into Microsoft Edge, artificial intelligence will rewrite text from a website. This AI-based solution will be compatible with most Internet pages. The task will be performed by Copilot. The relevant information is contained in the message of the technology giant.

In another scenario of using OpenAI technology, GPT-4 will be combined with Bing image search and web search data. In this case, artificial intelligence will be able to better understand the content of images sent by customers of the Microsoft service. The AI will also answer questions about visual materials.

Moreover, Microsoft is currently working on creating a new feature that will allow users to more accurately perform tasks in computing, coding, data analysis, visualization, and other complex issues. This solution will be integrated into the technology giant’s artificial intelligence service shortly.

Another feature supported by GPT-4 is deep search. Once integrated into Bing, this solution will provide users with optimized search results on complex topics and expand queries to more complete descriptions.

Yusuf Medhi says that the tech giant is aiming to integrate more innovations and improved features into Copilot next year so that consumers can benefit from artificial intelligence.

In early November, it was reported that due to Microsoft 365 Copilot AI for Office app business subscribers company will be able to generate revenue of more than $10 billion by 2026. The subscription price is $30 per month. In this case, there is a high probability that the so-called trend principle will work. This means that a representative of a certain industry will use Copilot, focusing on the fact that its competitors consume the relevant services and paying attention to the fact that this is an advanced technology, which in the information space is defined as something like a tool for the change of processes in the space of human civilization.

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