Microsoft to Release Security AI Product to Track Hackers

Microsoft Corporation announced its intention on April 1 to present artificial intelligence tools, using which employees of cybersecurity services will compile reports on suspicious incidents and identify methods applied by hackers to obscure their plans.

Microsoft to Release Security AI Product to Track Hackers

About a year ago, the tech giant based in Redmond, Washington, introduced the Copilot for security. The corporation is currently testing this tool as part of its interaction with customers. BP Plc and Dow Chemical Co. are participating in the testing process.

Andrew Conway, Microsoft’s vice president of security marketing, says that hundreds of partners and customers are currently getting to know the Copilot to ensure security in pre-use mode. It is known that clients of the technology giant will pay a fee depending on the scenario of use of the tool. In this case, the corporation will apply the commercial practice that is actual to Azure cloud services.

The security Copilot is part of Microsoft’s efforts to integrate artificial intelligence tools from partner OpenAI into its major product lines. Also in this case, the tech giant continues to pursue the goal of convincing corporate customers to buy subscriptions.

Artificial intelligence can generate content and synthesize corporate data, but still advanced technology is not perfect, which is why in the process of using it there is a possibility of various kinds of errors, some of which can provoke long-term and overly sensitive consequences for users.

Computer security is very important because in this case, potential negative scenarios contain catastrophic risks. In this context, Andrew Conway noted that Microsoft took the most careful approach when developing the Copilot. In this case, the software combines the power of OpenAI’s artificial intelligence models with the vast amounts of security information that the tech giant collects.

Andrew Conway stated that there are a number of things that Microsoft is doing, taking into account the seriousness of the specifics of using the Copilot. He also noted that feedback about the product is very important for the corporation. According to him, solutions designed to ensure safety still generate false positives and false negatives. He noted that this specificity is due to the nature of the space.

The Copilot works with all Microsoft software to ensure a high level of security. This tool offers users an assistant pane that can produce summaries and answer questions. For example, one of Microsoft’s security programs already collects various warnings about potential threats and combines the related ones into a single incident. The Copilot can summarize the data and generate a report, which takes a lot of time in manual mode. Hackers often use complicated programming scripts during attacks to make it difficult to track their actions.

The Copilot explains the criminals’ goals. This tool provides experienced cybersecurity staff with more time to complete complex tasks and will help beginners get up to speed more quickly. This was reported by Andrew Conway.

During its Copilot tests, Microsoft said that the new security staff performed 26% faster and 35% more accurately. This is a very important and significant result since there is currently a shortage of labor in the cybersecurity industry.

Microsoft said that the artificial intelligence program can link to the security software of competing companies. Experienced analysts can ask the Copilot questions in a simple phrasing format that the AI has been trained to understand.

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