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Mistral AI Partners With Google Cloud to Enhance Vertex AI Offering

Mistral AI’s AI model will be integrated within Google Cloud’s Vertex AI enterprise-ready machine learning (ML) platform to accelerate AI adoption and make it easy for businesses of all sizes to launch AI products or services.

Mistral AI Partners With Google Cloud to Enhance Vertex AI Offering

French artificial intelligence startup Mistral AI has partnered with Google Cloud to integrate its technology into Google’s Vertex AI and promote efficient open-source (OSS) foundation models.

Vertex AI platform lets customers train and deploy ML models and AI applications, as well as customize Google’s large language models (LLMs) for use in their own AI-powered applications.

Mistral AI’s optimised foundational model is called Mistral-7B. It has a small number of parameters, but the company claims that the model nonetheless possesses “compression of knowledge and deep reasoning capacities.”

For Google, this partnership is part of an ambitious mission to become the best platform for the OSS AI community and ecosystem. The company believes OSS has a profound impact on the development of AI and ML technology. Open-source models enable more developers and researchers to contribute to innovation in AI. Participation of a broader community also can potentially make AI “explainable, ethical, and equitable.”

As for the Mistral AI users, they can now benefit from Google Cloud’s multi-cloud and hybrid cloud offerings. Through open-source technologies, they can keep their data in the cloud in accordance with their privacy rules and fine-tune and run their models in the environment of their choice. Moreover, this open AI ecosystem enables clients to access data from external data sources and cloud providers and unify data lakes and data warehouses across clouds.

In all the use cases, customers maintain control over where their data is stored and how or where it is used.

Earlier this month, Google presented an AI-powered virtual assistant.

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